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People are the greatest resource of a company
Not the CEO, the products, technology, robots or big data. I believe in people and care about their success.

Rethink Leadership or Fail

10 Keys to Employee Engagement

The Greatest Sales Secret of All Time


Over 50% of the world’s 400 million team leaders, supervisors, managers, and executives are failing. My vision is to reach all those who want to do better. I work with managers (and often their teams) who fit two categories:

  • Feel broken: Do you seem stuck, frustrated, disappointed or even fearful about your job? Maybe you’re even a bit desperate yet you know you can do better?  I want to talk to you, if you are willing to change and do the work. I will help you reignite your passion and career success.
  • Want breakthrough: Or do you desire career advancement?  You could use some personal development, guidance and support to navigate the path forward?  I want to talk to you as well, if you are willing to change and do the work. I will help you reach the next level faster and more effectively.


can achieve your goals.

I’ll show you how.


I’ve been in your shoes, I was a manager just like you may be now. I wanted to succeed just like everyone. I wanted to make a difference. The first company I worked for believed in training, with this opportunity and my desire to learn, I attended over 100 training programs and conferences in a little over fifteen years. My results improved and I moved from teaching and selling to executive, with five promotions. Eventually, I co-founded WCW Partners, Inc. My purpose was to keep learning so I could make more of a positive difference. Throughout my years of dedication I achieved:

  • 48 quality service awards including JD Power, Ford’s President Award, and Canada’s Consumers Choice Award.
  • Record-breaking sales year after year: 30%, 48%, 52%, 75%, 122% gains in sales.
  • 15-20 points on customer experience surveys.
  • 12-14 points on employee engagement surveys.
  • Author of 20 books, including the best seller, SuperSTAR Leadership.


Positive gains in retail sales growth


Gains in sales to existing customers


Improvement in sales performance


Reduction in customer complaints

Rick’s Clients


  • "Rick loves what he does and it shows! His high-energy, get-it-done approach is inspiring to those of us who want to make a difference, because he does! Add sales savvy, a positive attitude that won't quit and an authentic belief in the potential of every human being, and you have someone you can count on when you or your business needs a lift."

    Karol A.
  • Rick is a direct, goal-orientated person. A straightforward guy with a great sense of humor. He takes EXCELLENT care of his customers and is genuinely concerned with their needs and helps them achieve their full potential. Rick is easy to recommend.

    Bill Vann Network Specialist /Chips Computer Services
  • Each time our management team works with Rick, the intended outcome is achieved. We develop as a team and as professionals in ways that are truly remarkable. Rick’s programs are clear, customized and powerful. I highly recommend Rick Conlow as a consultant, trainer, presenter and coach there is none better.

    Patrick M. DPD Print Distribution
  • It is my pleasure to recommend Rick Conlow. Rick is a tremendous sales and development professional. His dedication, commitment and passion all serve him well in building relationships and driving results. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work with Rick and his team.

    Desmond C. Corporate Training Manager/ Patterson Dental
  • I worked with Rick for many years. His consulting skills helped our company to improve business, reduce complaints and win quality service awards. Rick gives audiences information they can take out in the street one minute after the seminar is over and put it to use. I highly recommend Rick’s firm for business consulting.

    Camelia J. Interactive Project Manager/ Young and Rubicam
  • My first contact with Rick was when I attended a continuing education seminar with Rick as the presenter. I was so inspired that I signed up 10 of my reports to attend his Excellence In Management program. Whenever you force anyone to attend classes they are reluctant to say the least. By the end of the classes many of them continued contact with Rick for additional training. Since then I hired Rick on two occasions to train and inspire Managers. He is a learned, insightful, and compassionate instructor and human being. I would highly recommend Rick for any consulting or training opportunity. Rick’s business acumen is top notch, he gets results and your people will enjoy the process.

    Davis J. Shaw Industries
  • Rick learned our business and developed specific and functional training sessions for both our field sales team as well as support employees in our headquarters office. The response from the staff very positive and the performance of our entire organization improved.

    Jim F. CSC Credit Services
  • Rick is a highly skilled speaker. Whether in person, or on any of his training dvds. I was recently editing a couple of his  dvds when I found myself stopping what I was doing, and listening to Rick. He has a way of grabbing your attention, and holding it while he is teaching, that makes it easy to hear the message and learn from him.

    Dale S. Project Specialist/ Internet Business SEO
  • I have known Rick for over 20 years. He has a gift of pure enthusiasm which our employees and managers bought into. I would recom- mend him to any company looking to help their organization to be more customer focused.

    Ken S. VP-COO/Metropolitan Ford
  • Rick and I were both contract facilitators on a large Organizatioal Development Intervention {ODI} project for a major manufacturer. Rick was a skilled, professional facilitator - presenter who delivered a first rate performance for the client in the field and in the T-3’s.

    Larry S. Auto & Truck Industry Professional/ L R Snover Co.

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