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People are the greatest resource of a company
Not the CEO, the products, technology, robots or big data. I believe in people and care about their success.

Rethink Leadership or Fail

10 Keys to Employee Engagement

The Greatest Sales Secret of All Time

Over 50% of the world’s 400 million team leaders, supervisors, managers, and executives are failing. My vision is to reach all those who want to do better. I work with managers (and often their teams) who fit two categories:

  • Feel broken: Do you seem stuck, frustrated, disappointed or even fearful about your job? Maybe you’re even a bit desperate yet you know you can do better?  I want to talk to you, if you are willing to change and do the work. I will help you reignite your passion and career success.
  • Want breakthrough: Or do you desire career advancement?  You could use some personal development, guidance and support to navigate the path forward?  I want to talk toyou as well, if you are willing to change and do the work. I will help you reach the next level faster and more effectively.


can achieve your goals.

I’ll show you how.

I’ve been in your shoes, I was a manager just like you may be now. I wanted to succeed just like everyone. I wanted to make a difference. The first company I worked for believed in training, with this opportunity and my desire to learn, I attended over 100 training programs and conferences in a little over fifteen years. My results improved and I moved from teaching and selling to executive, with five promotions. Eventually, I co-founded WCW Partners, Inc. My purpose was to keep learning so I could make more of a positive difference. Throughout my years of dedication I achieved:

  • 48 quality service awards including JD Power, Ford’s President Award, and Canada’s Consumers Choice Award.
  • Record-breaking sales year after year: 30%, 48%, 52%, 75%, 122% gains in sales.
  • 15-20 points on customer experience surveys.
  • 12-14 points on employee engagement surveys.
  • Author of 20 books, including the best seller, SuperSTAR Leadership.


Positive gains in retail sales growth


Gains in sales to existing customers


Improvement in sales performance


Reduction in customer complaints

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