Eliminating the Whirlwind & Increasing Productivity

Many people harp on the all-too-disorderly whirlwind way of doing business these days. Today, even when we leave the office, we’re always accessible, we’re in constant contact with others and typically, we’re expected to be “on” all the time. If we don’t respond to an email or a text within a certain amount of minutes […]

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How would YOU Handle these 3 Management Problems?

Over the years, I have coached leaders confronted with management problems that sometimes conflict with the very ethics that a company proclaims. I admire most people who are managers. They are hard working, stuck right in the middle of an organization and bombarded by customers, executives, employees, shareholders, and vendors. When things go well, employees […]

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The Success Secret of the 5 Greatest Leaders of All-Time

Famed management theorist Peter Drucker wrote over twenty years ago, “We have a dearth of leadership.” This is even more true today but not for the greatest leaders of all-time. Recently, in Davos, Switzerland the global business and political elite gathered for the World Economic Forum. While these leaders reveled in the perceived better economic news, some […]

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How to Lead Naturally and Effortlessly in the Zone

 “The zone” is a point where athletes reside when they are at their peak performance, even while almost at ease. It’s been called the Holy Grail of sports. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes it as being ‘in the flow’. He said in his Ted talk, “There’s this focus that, once it becomes intense, leads to a sense of ecstasy, […]

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Why Do Companies Have Bad Employee Engagement?

Poor communication is on the top of the list for why so many companies have bad employee engagement. Either many leaders skipped the communication classes in school or they don’t care about their teams. Too many are like the CEO who threw a chair in a meeting, after a tirade! These disturbing trends from a 2017 study spell the […]

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12 Lethal Coaching Mistakes Made by Managers

Want to eliminate your coaching mistakes? Shhh, this is top secret! Not even the CIA, KGB, MI6 or Mossad know about this! Coaching is the ‘secret sauce’ to leadership success. So few managers understand this. Therefore they make the following lethal mistakes over and over. Hardly shocking, these mistakes lead to employee disloyalty and lower performance. Duh!? […]

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