Superstar Leadership: 12 Difficulties that Define a Manager’s Destiny

Management problems are like a tsunami that never ends. Everyday I hear about problems from managers at all levels. This leadership video training will identify the top 12 problems for managers. It will also provide a few tips for dealing with them. Successful managers learn to absorb the issues as nourishment, to build a high […]

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How Good is 99.9% Quality or Service?

Who can perfect? Did you ever hear that 99.9% service is good enough? Check out these statistics and reconsider your thoughts. For 99.9% service effectiveness you get: 1,314 phone call misplaced by phone companies every minute 107 incorrect medical procedures performed by doctors daily 18,322 pieces of mail mishandled in the next hour (the US […]

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Consider this list of fifteen quotes on change. Enjoy your day! The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.  Albert Einstein Change is inevitable. Change is constant.  Benjamin Disraeli When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.  Benjamin Franklin If we don’t change, we […]

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Communicating Effectively With Employees – Really!

Why is communicating effectively such a problem in companies today, and with individual managers and their employees? It is the most basic skill. The #1 thing CEO’s say got them to the top is their ability to communicate effectively. What do you think the #1 thing employees say needs to improve in their company? Communication! […]

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4 Caring Ways to L.E.A.D. when Dealing with Performance Problems

LEAD is a two-way communication and problem-solving process. It’s designed to find a mutual solution or action plan to an employee performance problem issue. LEAD means to listen, explore, attend, and define a solution. It works better for employees with some experience with a task or goal. Why? Because they have some success in the task. […]

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