E Pluribus Unum: For the People NOT the Party

E pluribus unum is a Latin phrase meaning “out of many, one.”  Most noteworthy, it implies people of honor working together for the common good.  It is what the founding fathers hoped for.  Congress adopted it as the motto of the United States with an act in 1782. However, the leadership of the US government is […]

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The New Science of GoalSetting and Achievement

The new science of goalsetting accelerates the opportunity for life achievements. Neuroscientists say the human brain has 100 billion neurons. 20,000 or so carry Dopamine. This neurotransmitter makes us human and has been called the “motivation molecule.” It controls our brains communication and keeps us motivated. Dopamine activation provides us drive, focus, concentration, pleasurable feelings, […]

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22 Success Quotes that will Inspire and Motivate You

Success quotes can literally change your life if you truly digest them. That is to say, you can accelerate your career development. Numerology consider the #22 one of the most powerful numbers. It represents focusing on dreams or desires and transforming them into reality. Also, people associated with this number are confident, and positive. To […]

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How to Become a Better Leader: 3 Proven Actions

Do you want to become a better leader? This leadership training will give you 3 strategies to accelerate your career development and team success. Unfortunately, leadership failures litter organizations across the globe. Recent studies say 82% of managers fail. In addition, too many managers are self-focused, untrained, or overwhelmed. As a result, employees are collateral […]

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Enlist GoalPOWER to Achieve Your Goals in 2021

Enlist GoalPower to make 2021 be your best year ever! Most people don’t set goals. Therefore, they react to whatever happens. Studies show that people who write goals are happier and make more money. Certainly, that is a great combination. A friend of mine set goals to buy his own business. He did it. Likewise, […]

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3 Lessons for Turbulent Times from Great Leaders

Turbulent times define a leader which, consequently, makes or breaks the team. One of the best ways to learn is from lessons from past great leaders. Here are three timeless gems that fit today’s challenging environment. Break the Psychological Barriers in Turbulent Times First, break the psychological barriers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the 32nd President […]

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The Number One Trait of Horrible Bosses

The #1 trait of horrible bosses is not that uncommon. While there are many despicable traits of a bad boss, the biggest complaint is that they are persistent purveyors of negative vibes. They are downright nasty and crabby most of the time. The words that spew from their mouths are offensive. Negative politics has become […]

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50 Persistence Quotes that Inspire and Motivate

All human progress demands persistence. However, the world can be a nasty place. Pandemics and problems rear their ugly heads often unexpectedly. Lately, it has not been easy. It has been said, “When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”  Here are fifty other quotes to inspire you to try […]

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