3 Leadership Lessons for Dealing with Employee Performance Issues

Leadership lessons are invaluable as long as you take the time to recognize and apply them. Early in my career I hired an employee, that had a stellar background and work history but almost immediately had performance issues.  She was good at the technical duties of the job but not at communicating  and working well […]

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Leadership Promises Broken, A Lack of Integrity

Leadership promises should be made sparingly because leaders as a whole are highly distrusted today. Promises without follow-up, follow-through or action is lying – dishonest. If you have integrity it means the promises you make, you keep. This builds trust and employee engagement. Even little things matter. If you say to any employee, “I will get […]

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Leadership Lesson Learned or Never Taught

This Philosophy of Management image made me think that this simple but powerful statement suggests a leadership lesson any manager must learn and re-learn. Yet it’s absent in so many in positions of authority and influence. The Leadership Training of Clarence Francis After graduating from Amherst College in 1910, Clarence Francis went to New York […]

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Leadership Excellence: Rewards or Risks?

With almost every element of life there are rewards and risks with the decisions we make. It’s scary, ambiguous, unpredictable and compromising – but can we really expect to achieve excellence without risking the comfort that comes with complacency? That’s the question I pose to you today. Think hard and long before you answer. I […]

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The Challenge of Achieving Leadership Excellence

 “All excellence is equally difficult”, is a fine quote. However, studies show that over half of managers fail, and never achieve leadership excellence.  Gallup studies show that 82% of managers are unfit for their jobs. I am not trying to scare you but these are the facts. Why does this happen? Too many managers settle for […]

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3 Tips for Deftly Managing Managers or Supervisors

The struggle of leading effectively is taken to another level when you are managing managers or supervisors. But there is one major thing that managers of managers have working to their advantage: empathy. Of course, that’s if they care about the success of others. If one hasn’t been a manager, it’s easy to assume a lot of […]

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The 5 Cultural Habits of Customer Driven Companies

In the quest to improve the customer experience and customer loyalty, consider the “cultural habits” of successful service organizations, such as: Disney, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Wegmans, Nordstrom, and Amazon. Their cultural habits are not merely lip service. It’s how they do business. Watch this customer experience training video for details. Hints of the Cultural Habits […]

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4 Tactics to Transform from Manager to Leader

Want to transform your effectiveness? The difference between what a manager knows and what a leader does determine whether that person suffers or succeeds in leadership. Anyone can “know” something, especially today when there’s a book for anything and the capability to Google everything. Nothing is out of reach to anyone that wants to reach […]

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The Foreshadowing of an Employee Apocalypse

The term “going postal” became infamous because of eleven employee incidents in the US Post Office service since 1983. Thirty-five people were killed by current or former employees. The US Post Office doesn’t condone the term, of course, and who can blame them? Worldwide today, across all industries and companies, employee discontentment is growing, the […]

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