3 Approaches for High Performance Team Planning

High performance team planning answers one question. What’s your plan for your team’s success this month, this quarter and this year? If you don’t plan well, you are planning to fail. In this leadership training video, Rick will share with you 3 levels of operational planning that will lead you to victory. It does take […]

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13 Characteristics of the Best Companies

The best companies have great workplace cultures.  Aristotle wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.” He was referring to people, but this is true for organizations as well. The culture defines the quality of a company’s mission, approach to business, policies and the working relationships to get things done. […]

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Winning is an Attitude not a Score: Two Powerful Steps

Being a winner is a state of mind. Success and winning is indeed a state of mind. Winning is a habit that can be cultivated through purposeful training and coaching, and positive imaging.  It’s just like a farmer does with his crops.  Certainly obstacles will arise; the farmer faces hazardous weather, insects, and market deviations.  […]

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High-Tech Tools vs. High-Touch Coaching

What is more important? Should a manager focus more on high-tech tools or high-touch coaching? Recently, a couple of highly recognized leadership blogs highlighted new technologies that will emerge in businesses this year. To name a few, they include: Wearable tech Social collaboration tools Gamification Mobile tech Cloud applications High-Tech Tools According to the articles, […]

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