The “ONE” Leadership Thing for Communicating Effectively with Employees

Why don’t managers communicate very well? This management training video will succinctly answer that question. If you are good at communicating effectively, you will ramp up your career. Unfortunately, research shows that the #1 reason employees leave a job is that they don’t like their boss. Leadership derailment studies demonstrate that at least 50% of […]

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Coaching an Employee to Persevere

Persistence seems to be a nitty-gritty, nose-to-the-grindstone mentality, right? Right. A persistent person is someone who keeps on keeping on under every possible trial. They face adversity, so they push harder. They encounter walls, so they jump higher. They experience setbacks, so they strive faster. People who persevere are willing to push through the impossible until it […]

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Into Each Heart is Born a Spirit Filled with Dreams

What do you dream about? Nightmares and scares? Or, hopes and aspirations? Nothing? Do you remember as a child, when you used to toss pennies into a fountain or wishing well? Closing your eyes, holding the penny tight, wishing for something specific, and then throwing the penny into the water? Then, you would excitedly skip […]

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Hire Up, To Go Up!

Great leaders hire great people and achieve great results. After working with over 200 companies and over 300,000 managers, I noticed the best leaders always have the best people for two main reasons. They hire up to go up So they learn to network and interview well. They end up always having a good pool of […]

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10 Misleading Myths about Being a Boss

Lack of skill and knowledge aren’t the only obstacles that keep a manager from becoming an effective leader. Prevailing myths become formidable barriers as well. A myth is a tradition, story or worldview about how things are done.  In my experience with bosses and supervisors, ten misleading myths exist. 10 Management Myths 1. “I can’t be friends […]

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The #1 Problem Confronting Managers-Accountability!

Want to fast forward your results as a manager? Watch this leadership training video. Rick will share the #1 problem confronting managers today-accountability. All companies talk about accountability in employees. What does that mean really? It is defined as a focus on achieving results, not on activity. Employees today need to be more accountable. Productivity […]

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