How to Change Habits Positively and Powerfully

How do you change habits positively? Lately, this has been on my mind. I hear so many people, and so many professionals, talk about their desire for personal change- change within themselves and change outside of themselves. (Controllable change & uncontrollable change) It seems uncomfortable-almost wrong-to settle for anything in its current state. So, if […]

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13 Lethal Coaching Mistakes Made by Managers

Want to eliminate your coaching mistakes? Do you want to be a better coach? Shhh, this is top secret! Not even the CIA, KGB, MI6, or Mossad know about this! Great coaching is the secret sauce to leadership success. So few managers understand this. Therefore, they make the following lethal mistakes over and over. Hardly […]

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5 Tips for Leading a Remote Workforce

It is not business as usual with so many working as a remote workforce. And it is business as usual. Certainly, the pandemic facilitated employees working at home. Yet, with technological gains this was beginning to happen anyway. However, in chaotic times communication is of greater importance to strengthen team relationships and results. And you […]

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The Succeeding as a Leader Webinars: Enroll Today!

This best-in-class webinar series includes eight high-impact sessions. That is to say, you will gain a roadmap for realizing exceptional performance in any environment. To clarify, the webinars outline the precise strategies and mental approach that separates the best leaders from the rest. Want or need a breakthrough in your career? Do you desire to […]

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The Power of One-on-One Coaching

According to research one on-one-coaching becomes a force when you do it. Why? Because of the engagement with employees face to face: virtually or in-person or on the phone. Many managers today do not talk to their employees or customers enough. The media asked the late Sam Walton of Wal-Mart about that. They wanted to […]

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The Greatest Leadership Principle of All-Time

The greatest leadership principle of all-time is elusive even though it is common sense. Unfortunately, “The obscure we eventually see. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer,” says journalist Edward Murrow. Managers often miss the greatest leadership principle of all-time. This is true about what it takes to be a successful leader. There is so […]

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3 Ways to Handle Poor Employee Performance Constructively

Poor employee performance confronts all team leaders, supervisors, managers, or executives. It goes with the territory. Fortunately, there are really few bad employees, just some that have performance issues. Most employees think they are performing better than they are. Most employees can perform significantly better than they are. In fact, everyone develops problems at some […]

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