5 Key Coaching Opportunities for Leadership Success

Coaching is the secret sauce of leadership success for a manager. Why? Because so few do it effectively. Most talk about, and most don’t do it or don’t do it well. In this leadership video Rick will share five key coaching business opportunities for a manager. Using them well, you can differentiate yourself as a leader. Focusing […]

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Communicating Effectively With Employees – Really!

Why is communicating effectively such a problem in companies today, and with individual managers and their employees? It is the most basic skill. The #1 thing CEO’s say got them to the top is their ability to communicate effectively. What do you think the #1 thing employees say needs to improve in their company? Communication! […]

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4 Caring Ways to L.E.A.D. when Dealing with Performance Problems

LEAD is a two-way communication and problem-solving process. It’s designed to find a mutual solution or action plan to an employee performance problem issue. LEAD means to listen, explore, attend, and define a solution. It works better for employees with some experience with a task or goal. Why? Because they have some success in the task. […]

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YOU DIDN’T MAKE IT!  Denied!  No promotion or extra in the paycheck!  How come this happened? Now comes despair, frustration and ambiguity. The job isn’t what you thought it would be. Excellence in management seems only a dream. Too many managers inadvertently accessorize their potential achievement with frustration, desperation, struggles and failing. The negative impact on […]

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3 Ways to Commit to Delivering First-Class Customer Service

Is first class customer service a target you suddenly arrive at after years of experience, practice and research? Or, is it a commitment your business maintains consistently to reap the experience it wants? Is it the end or the means to reaching an end? First class customer service is continuous. Constant. Persistent. Ongoing. Just like any commitment, you don’t maintain it for […]

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