The 5 Cultural Habits of Customer Driven Companies

In the quest to improve the customer experience and customer loyalty, consider the “cultural habits” of successful service organizations, such as: Disney, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Wegmans, Nordstrom, and Amazon. Their cultural habits are not merely lip service. It’s how they do business. Watch this customer experience training video for details. Hints of the Cultural Habits […]

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4 Tactics to Transform from Manager to Leader

Want to transform your effectiveness? The difference between what a manager knows and what a leader does determine whether that person suffers or succeeds in leadership. Anyone can “know” something, especially today when there’s a book for anything and the capability to Google everything. Nothing is out of reach to anyone that wants to reach […]

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The Foreshadowing of an Employee Apocalypse

The term “going postal” became infamous because of eleven employee incidents in the US Post Office service since 1983. Thirty-five people were killed by current or former employees. The US Post Office doesn’t condone the term, of course, and who can blame them? Worldwide today, across all industries and companies, employee discontentment is growing, the […]

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6 Phases for Managing the Impact of a Leadership Mistake

When a manager makes a leadership mistake, others will notice. Any manager is faced with navigating the expectations of others as well as identifying and managing their own. Most leaders have teams to inspire, goals to accomplish and results to drive.  It’s hard for managers, who generally have higher profiles, to conceal their oversights and […]

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3 Tips for Cultivating the Mindset of a Champion

Over nine decades ago, Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane of New York’s Kane Summit Hospital changed his mindset. He felt doctors were losing too many patients in appendectomy surgery, many because of the effects of general anesthesia. He felt that local anesthesia would be better for the patient but, not surprisingly, no volunteers came forward to […]

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3 Approaches for High Performance Team Planning

High performance team planning answers one question. What’s your plan for your team’s success this month, this quarter and this year? If you don’t plan well, you are planning to fail. In this leadership training video, Rick will share with you 3 levels of operational planning that will lead you to victory. It does take […]

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13 Characteristics of the Best Companies

The best companies have great workplace cultures.  Aristotle wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.” He was referring to people, but this is true for organizations as well. The culture defines the quality of a company’s mission, approach to business, policies and the working relationships to get things done. […]

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Winning is an Attitude not a Score: Two Powerful Steps

Being a winner is a state of mind. Success and winning is indeed a state of mind. Winning is a habit that can be cultivated through purposeful training and coaching, and positive imaging.  It’s just like a farmer does with his crops.  Certainly obstacles will arise; the farmer faces hazardous weather, insects, and market deviations.  […]

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