One Tactic that Immediately Jump-Starts Your Team’s Results

What do you do if your team’s results are slipping or down right poor? Check out these examples. One by one, a new client’s team leaders covertly came to talk to me about their manager. The consistent message: “Get him out of the office and on the floor, and have him stop sending inflammatory emails […]

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The Most Glaring Weakness of Terrible Leaders Exposed

While there are other despicable of traits of terrible leaders, the biggest complaint is that they are consistent purveyors of bad news just like the politicians and the media. They are downright negative most of the time. The words, language and intention that spews from their mouths are most often offensive. Terrible Leaders Equal Terrible Results […]

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Money Isn’t the Only Thing that Motivates Employees

Here’s a question I received from a manager. What motivates employees to produce better results when I do not have options of offering them more money?  You might be surprised to learn that money isn’t all that motivates employees.  In fact, it’s often not near the top of the list of motivators. Does Money Motivate? To […]

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The Founding Fathers Compared to Today’s Congress

Here is the text of the Declaration of Independence. Yes, celebrate freedom! Maybe, all members of Congress today should read this document, and be tested on it. The founding fathers weren’t perfect. Did you know the founding fathers of our country were traitors to Britain of which they were citizens? They were racist, too, because most […]

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Bad Customer Service, Change to Win!

Have you ever been so frustrated with bad customer service that you wanted to scream? My family and I moved recently. I also moved my business. So we had to do all of the things required to change vendors for a variety of services. One company after another failed in their customer service. The companies […]

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11 CX Flaws that Foretell a Company’s Fatal Future

Fatal CX flaws in thinking and strategy foretell the demise of most companies trying to improve their customers’ experience. Their efforts become an epic comedy of errors to the tune of the 3 Stooges or the Marx Brothers. It’s sadly unfortunate. You see, these companies and their executives aren’t doing their due diligence. These and […]

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3 Uncommon Steps to Coach Better

Managers coach better when they have been coached well. What happens if they haven’t experienced good coaching? Unfortunately, research indicates that only 75% of managers do more managing of tasks than they do coaching. In addition, they only invest 18% of their time in people management activities. In other words, good coaching doesn’t happen often […]

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