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  • Record levels of employee engagement and retention.

  • Top quartile customer experience and sales results.

  • A high-performance culture that your competitors envy.


Leadership Consulting & Coaching- Rick Conlow International

Leadership Consulting & Coaching- Rick Conlow International The 5 Dynamics of Servant Leadership eBook

Click on and check out our best-selling books above. We are committed to publishing the best-in-class leadership and personal development resoures. Go here for more:

Partner with us to disrupt the status quo. We aim to accelerate a people first revolution in organizations through Servant Leadership practice and thought. The result: sky high employee engagement, motivation, and productivity.

Why Leadership Training Fails: How to Fix it

Why Leadership Training Fails: How to Fix it

10 Success Secrets of Great Managers

10 Success Secrets of Great Managers

How Does Servant Leadership Work

How Does Servant Leadership Work

During the past 20 years we have worked with 500,000 managers representing 5 million employees in over 200 companies. Our success is their success. We are proud of our client partnerships, working with most of them over many years. Our focus is to inspire people for greatness. If leadership does business right through people, goals will be exceeded and positive results achieved. See our client achievements below. We look forward to including YOU!

  • 48 quality service awards including JD Power, Ford’s President Award, and Canada’s Consumers Choice Award.
  • Record-breaking sales year after year: 30%, 48%, 52%, 75%, 122% gains in sales.
  • 15-20 points on customer experience surveys.
  • NPS scores of 60-94.5%.
  • 12-14 points on employee engagement surveys.
  • eNPS scores of 60-85%.
  • 4X reduction in employee turnover

Leadership Consulting, Training, & Coaching that Works!

Leadership Consulting & Coaching- Rick Conlow International Leadership Consulting & Coaching

RCI’s Superstar Leadership Blog


The Roadmap to the Secret Sauce of Employee Engagement

Few companies or leaders have or know the “secret sauce” to employee engagement. This is a business disaster. This employee engagement training video will highlight these facts. I will share the “secret sauce” of employee engagement.  It all begins with leadership. [...]


Elevate Employee Engagement: 5 Critical Leadership Skills

Leadership worldwide is in crisis mode. In all areas of life, leadership distrust has hit rock bottom. Seldom does a day go by without another story in the media about a leader–in government, religion, or business–that bites the dust because of an ethical or behavioral failure. In the business [...]


26 Exceptional Employee Engagement Quotes

You can measure employee engagement by the performance of employees, or a company compared to the competition. Highly engaged employees, according to research: Sell more. Serve customers better. Stay longer at their company. Share more ideas and input. Overall, are 240% more productive on key [...]


Achieving and Sustaining Customer Experience Leadership

This customer experience training video will share the state of the art in the field. Unfortunately, it is not that good. Companies lose billions of dollars a year because of poor customer service. Few companies have learned how to get it right and lead their markets. Most try and end up [...]


Servant Leaders Focus on People NOT Generational Differences

Servant leaders do not care that much for generational differences. I have found that factors such as age, or sex, or background, or religion are oblivious to them. While at the same time they take a keen and sensitive approach to each employee’s potential, needs and aspirations. [...]

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