The #1 Problem Confronting Managers-Accountability!

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Want to fast forward your results as a manager? Watch this leadership training video. Rick will share the #1 problem confronting managers today-accountability.

All companies talk about accountability in employees. What does that mean really? It is defined as a focus on achieving results, not on activity. Employees today need to be more accountable. Productivity is declining in the US. Employee engagement is incredibly low. Customer service results are stagnant.

The key to high performance…Accountability

The key is the manager. Managers have to be accountable first. If managers do the right things, employees will do the right things. In this management video clip Rick will share the STAR model for holding people accountable, and dealing with poor employee performance. If managers apply these strategies they get significantly better results from their teams. They become proactive exceptional leaders by mentoring self-directed accountable employees. If they don’t, the become mediocre managers.

People want to be great. If they aren’t managers won’t let them be. For some reason they put obstacles in their way:

  • lack of resources
  • poor policies
  • no training
  • limited communication
  • negative feedback
  • poor pay or benefits
  • outdated systems

People are the greatest resource of a company. If you treat them that way they perform as champions. So, if you want your team to be better you have to be a better leader. Accountability begins with the manager.  IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO, GIVE IT A THUMBS UP & CHECK OUT OUR RESOURCES OR WEBSITES. THANK YOU!

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