10 Reasons Customer Experience Efforts Fail

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The customer experience has improved less than 2% in the last twenty years according to the ACSI. Companies have spent billions of dollars since the book, In Search of Excellence by Peters and Waterman, trying to improve. In this leadership training video Rick will share 10 reasons why they have failed.

10 Reasons Customer Experience Efforts Fail 10 Reasons Customer Experience Efforts FailResearch is now showing that improving the customer experience is really the next marketing battleground. Consequently, it is becoming more important than price, profit, and innovation. Few companies do it well. Organizations like Disney, Google, Wegman’s, Nordstrom’s, and others set the standard. Most other companies talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Just consider how many places you go and receive poor service.

Service improvement today requires a focus on the customer’s journey both digitally and person to person. Most companies think they do a good job, but only 8% are rated in the top tier. A truly customer focused company must take advantage of this. In addition, success involves and elegant link between employee engagement and the customer experience. The two go hand in hand. You cannot deliver a great customer experience if you lack high team morale.

The Customer Experience Opportunity

Rick and his team at RCI have helped their clients win 48 Quality Service Awards including JD Power, Ford’s President’s Award, and Canada’s Consumer Choice Award.

Therefore, watch this customer experience video clip. Rick will emphasize the importance of customer loyalty, the payoff, and share the pitfalls. He explains key opportunities for a strategy breakthrough and bottom-line results.

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10 Reasons Customer Experience Efforts Fail 10 Reasons Customer Experience Efforts Fail

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