13 Career Warning Signs which Lead to Mistakes, & Misery

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If you pay attention you will notice the career warning signs that come your way. If you aren’t you may make unnecessary mistakes that lead to misery.

Are you looking for or feeling like you need a career change? The era of long-tenured employment is gone. Today people change jobs ten to fifteen times in their careers. The lack of company loyalty has spawned the lack of employee loyalty and engagement.

The best way to change a job is on your terms. Career setbacks can be devastating. Being fired, performance issues, becoming burned out, or layoffs can cause deep emotional scars in people. Research suggests it not only impact a person’s self-image but it affects relationships with family and friends.

Have you ever had a friend that got fired from a job? How about a friend that was laid off? Have you encountered a close co-worker that abruptly quit amidst some conflict at work or home? A friendly neighbor that was experiencing a corporate reorganization that changed everything, including his or her career opportunities? Or had a relative passed over for a promotion and then got really angry over it? Maybe a few things like this have happened to you.

13 Career Warning Signs which Lead to Mistakes, and Misery

13 Career Warning Signs

Consider these career warning signs of impending missteps, mistakes or misery. You might need to take the initiative to change jobs or your career direction. A number of these often go together and will derail your performance, while heightening the chances of someone else noticing what’s happening to you.

1. You feel depressed or frustrated or unfulfilled.

It’s hard to do your job well with these pent up feelings. Chances are your job seems harder and you are making mistakes.

2. You no longer care, much of the time.

You wake up and have to force yourself to go to work–almost every day but pay day or Friday. Also, you become very critical of your company when you talk to others. Almost everyone knows you hate your job.

3. Work isn’t enjoyable.

We work longer hours today. Except for the paycheck, if you aren’t enjoying it, why do it? Boring and routine lead to comfortable mediocrity or worse. Do you find yourself looking forward to breaks or lunch?

4. You aren’t learning anymore.

Ongoing learning stimulates the mind. Without it, a job often becomes the “same old, same old.” When was the last time you attended a training course or learning event?

5. You don’t get along with the people you are working with.

One of the top reasons people leave a job, besides a bad boss, is that they don’t like the people they work with. Has irritability or intolerance set in?

6. The passion is gone.

Are you doing this job because you love it? Or because of the pay? Hopefully both. If not, it creates a long day, week, month…year…malaise. Many people get stuck here but they don’t have to.

7. You know you are better.

If you know that you can do much better but don’t, your performance is slipping and you aren’t sick. It just might be because you just don’t want to anymore. At least not where you are right now.

8. You are comfortable.

Studies indicate that if you aren’t stretching yourself, you start to lose your edge and you get locked in a comfort zone. When this happens, others will notice the change.

9. You lack the energy you used to have.

Physical fatigue can relate to a lack of mental focus and preparedness. If your mind isn’t in the game the body won’t be either.

10. You aren’t going the extra mile.

Jim worked for a delivery service since high school. He changed jobs a few times but felt his career was going nowhere. He didn’t want to leave because of the benefits. He found himself doing just enough to get by in his job, 8-5 pm every day. What is the outlook for Jim’s future here? This is one of the career warning signs you have to act on quickly.

11. You are passed over for a job.

This is crushing. The question is: do we learn or whine? If this applies to you, where are you now? What does that tell you?

12. You aren’t networking.

Connecting with other people increases results, builds teamwork and adds spice to almost any job. If you aren’t into the job much anymore this isn’t going to happen much. It’s a far reaching loss.

13. You blame other people or situations.

People who blame others for problems, mistakes, or why they can’t do the job better are losing their personal accountability and the capability to perform at a higher level. It is an immature way to explain lack of attaining goals. Don’t let this be you.

13 Career Warning Signs which Lead to Mistakes, and MiseryA 4 Step Catalyst Plan to Counteract Any or All Career Warning Signs!

You can head off the career warning signs if you do these steps a little every day. You will find yourself more aware, renewed, if not inspired, to do your best to protect your current job or to get a new one.

Get feedback!

Talk to a trusted friend, mentor or advisor that will give you candid input. Or get a coach. Honestly outline your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Review, brainstorm, search new ideas, discuss problems and opportunities. Dialogue like this can be rejuvenating.

Renew your learning!

Focus on a personal upgrade. Attend a couple of classes to elevate your knowledge and skills. Participate in a few online discussions to get updated on what’s happening. Enroll in a couple of online training sessions. Learning is the mother of reinvention!

Re-calibrate your goals!

Based on the above, create a one-page succinct game plan to move forward. Include 3-5 goals and key action steps. If you stay in your current job, do this plan as a way to accelerate your results. (See this Goal Planning GuideReview it with your boss. If you want to leave, identify the kind of company you want to be in and list ten prospects.

Network, network, network!

Whether you think you are leaving your job or not, start talking with others. It can be eye-opening. Update your resume. Use online services to class it up. Brush up on interviewing and job-seeking skills. According to research, the best way to get a new job is to network while you currently working. In addition, networking adds power to your career advancement options.

Liz Ryan CEO of the Human Workplace says, “We all run into roadblocks and hardships. It’s part of life. How we deal with them is everything. I want to hire someone who has faced adversity and who overcame it. They have muscles!”

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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