SuperSTAR Performance: Recognition

Today, I will cover the 6th of 9 leadership strategies that we’ve identified as critical components of a SuperSTAR Leader. The previous five can be found here [Goals & Planning, [...]


SuperSTAR Performance: Coaching

The fourth strategy of the SuperSTAR Leadership Model is COACHING. As I’ve been discussing, the SuperSTAR Leadership Model emerged from research after we determined that SuperSTAR leaders [...]


SuperSTAR Performance: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

I am exploring the nine strategies of superstar leaders in the trenches of the organization. I am not talking CEO’s but all the other managers that execute key plans and make the biggest [...]


SuperSTAR Performance: Training

I am reviewing our SuperSTAR Leadership Model, which includes 9 strategies [the first of which, Goals & Planning is discussed here] that SuperSTAR leaders use consistently & effectively [...]


SuperSTAR Performance: Goals & Planning

After years of study and research, I created a leadership model. I wanted to answer the question: what separates excellent leaders from the not-so-stellar leaders? I learned from the highest and [...]


The Right Fit Feels Right

In our economy, our job and the impact it has on our lives seems to be on the mind of most. As an employee, what do you do if you’re in the wrong job? As a manager, what if your employees [...]