Closing the Gap Between Leaders & Their Teams

I was recently reading this great article on Inc. about extraordinary bosses – which seemed timely, considering our recent release of The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss, Bad Boss [...]


Tough Leadership Questions

One of the most common questions I get asked is – how do you really motivate people? Instead of answering this again, I want to suggest that we approach this just like any other everyday [...]


Authentic Leaders

When leading others, there is a personality trait I tend to advocate that others try to adapt…authenticity. Most of the time, it feels much easier to hide behind whatever cover we’ve [...]


Leadership is a Choice: Choose Wisely

I was just reading a post by Michael Hyatt, one leader I highly admire and respect. He was listing 12 things that leaders do, while setting the stage to suggest that if you do these things [...]


7 Types of Bad Bosses: How To Avoid Being One

Have you worked for a boss you really didn’t like? What kinds of behaviors or characteristics did this person possess? Were you excited about your job? Did you routinely go the extra mile [...]


The Manager’s Report Card: Good Boss Bad Boss Which One Are You?

Everywhere managers are looking for, or working hard to achieve, that “magic” formula that will create and inspire the highest performance in their teams. All leaders from the [...]


For Managers: How to be a SuperSTAR Trainer

As I’ve reported in past posts, research has proven that regular training is key to employee effectiveness. If you’re a manager, that’s important information to ingest. Why? Because we know that [...]


How to be a SuperSTAR Leader: Hiring the Best People

Your success as a manager is often linked to how well you recruit and hire. Unfortunately, not all supervisors or managers have complete control over the selection process, or aren’t [...]


Networking Your Network

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” How many times have you heard that? Most of us believe in its truth, but at the same time, value our knowledge. Well, how [...]


SuperSTAR Performance: Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the 8th of the 9 leadership strategies that we’ve identified as strategies SuperSTAR leaders learn, implement and practice. These strategies, when used regularly [...]

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