Lessons from a Bad Boss

None of us hope to ever have a bad boss. But, all of us (in reality) can bet on having a bad boss at one point or another. Although we’d like to be told otherwise, there’s actually a [...]


Leadership vs Management – What’s It Matter?

You’ve probably wondered at some point in your career…what’s the difference between leading and managing? Some managers lead…other leaders manage. If you label yourself [...]


Focus For Leaders

Business is busy, priorities are plentiful and tasks are taxing – for leaders and those they lead. So, what’s something we believe leaders ought to make a part of their repertoire of [...]


Leadership Resistance

I just read an enlightening post by Scott Keller on HBR called “How to Get Senior Leaders to Change.” I encourage you to read it; the most intriguing aspect of the article (for me) [...]


First-Class First Impressions

We’ve heard it a million times: perception is reality. Do you believe it? Why? Why not? Now, how about when it comes to customer service? If the service somewhere sucks, will you give it [...]


The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss Bad Boss Which One Are You?

How do you succeed as a leader? What do good bosses do that others don’t? Learn the 9 strategies of the SuperSTAR Leadership Model, and how to begin to achieve extraordinary performance [...]


The Magic of Meetings

Meetings can be the good, the bad and the ugly of the office. They consume our calendars, but they are inevitable and (most of the time) critical to a team’s success. Now, just because [...]


Hiring Well Helps Your Bottom Line

In our book, The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss, Bad Boss – Which One Are You?, we outline the nine strategies that the best leaders do that mediocre bosses forgo. One of these [...]


First-Class Customer Service: Your Problem Solving Skills

Excellent customer service sets you apart from competitors. Not only is treating the customer right, the right thing to do, but it’s essential in our economy – when corners seem to get cut, just [...]


First-Class Customer Service: Your Follow Through

The standards of customer service today are quickly deteriorating, which means that companies that deliver first-class customer service are miles ahead of competitors that fail to deliver the [...]

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