Dreams are the Pledge of the Dedicated!

What’s your dream? Did you ever toss a penny into a fountain or wishing well? Closing your eyes, holding the penny tight, wishing for something specific, and then throwing the penny into [...]


Making a Wrong Leadership Decision Right  

How do you make a wrong leadership decision, right? We all make mistakes. The challenge is how do we handle them? Consider: How do you act? Who do you tell? How do you react? How do you [...]


5 Key Coaching Opportunities for Leadership Success

Coaching is the secret sauce of leadership success for a manager. Why? Because so few do it effectively. Most talk about it, and most don’t do it or don’t do it well. In this [...]


Communicating Effectively With Employees – Really!

Why is communicating effectively such a problem in companies today, and with individual managers and their employees? It is the most basic skill. The #1 thing CEO’s say got them to the top [...]