3 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself Today!

I believe everyone is a winner. Everyone is motivated. The truth is some days are better than others, right? Just because a day goes bad or you fail to achieve a goal, it doesn’t mean you [...]


Coaching is the Key to Leadership Success

Leadership is a high contact sport, and this must involve coaching.  The late Sam Walton of Walmart was asked why he spent one day a week in his office and the rest of the time in his stores with [...]


Real Leaders are Good at Listening and Follow-through

A client manager of mine recently asked this question: How do you handle the team when they give you input and suggestions but you don’t use it all. Then they think you don’t listen? [...]


3 Performance Based Questions for Positive Planning

What’s your game-plan for planning for the rest of the year, and into next year? Based on the US and world economies growth rates, most companies are below plan. That means most managers [...]