Into Each Heart is Born a Spirit Filled with a Dream

What do you dream about? Nightmares and scares? Or, hopes and aspirations? Nothing? Do you remember as a child, when you used to toss pennies into a fountain or wishing well? Closing your eyes, [...]


Hire Up, To Go Up!

Great leaders hire great people and achieve great results. After working with over 200 companies and over 300,000 managers, I noticed the best leaders always have the best people for two main [...]


5 Reasons Leadership Failure Happens

Five poisonous pills contribute to managers becoming ineffective.  They are the ingredients to leadership failure. This training video will give you brief case studies on each. Certainly, Rick [...]


10 Misleading Myths about Being a Boss

Prevailing myths become formidable barriers to management effectiveness. A myth is a tradition, story, or worldview about how things are done.  In my experience with bosses and supervisors, ten [...]