This is a Lack of Leadership; It’s Demotivation

The big man came to town, and he was the SVP of Operations, and his hit man reputation preceded him. He was there to “fire” everyone up, and they were nervous. I was worried it may be [...]


Leadership Lesson Learned or Never Taught

This Philosophy of Management image made me think that this simple but powerful statement suggests a leadership lesson any manager must learn and re-learn. Yet it’s absent in so many in [...]


Leadership Excellence: Rewards or Risks?

With almost every element of life there are rewards and risks with the decisions we make. It’s scary, ambiguous, unpredictable and compromising – but can we really expect to achieve [...]


The Challenge of Achieving Leadership Excellence

 “All excellence is equally difficult”, is a fine quote. However, studies show that over half of managers fail, and never achieve leadership excellence.  Gallup studies show that 82% [...]