3 Communication Skills with Authentic Power and Positivity!

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Excellent communication skills will transform your impact on others. Most managers, and employees are unaware of the concept discussed in this communication skills training video. Consequently, those who communicate well have the power. Also, communicating with positivity can change people’s life’s for the better and motivate them to higher performance. As a result, good leaders, not bad bosses, learn what is discussed in this leadership communication skills training.

3 Communication Skills with Authentic Power and Positivity!Avoid these Communication Skills

Too often people let these behaviors get in the way of good communication: skills:
1. Prejudice
2. A foul mouth
3. Harassment of others
4. Negativity
5. Criticizing people publicly
6. Sarcasm
7. Off colored jokes
8. Over emotional responses
9. Initiating conflict
10. Lies, or half truths
11. Stupid uneducated remarks
12. Poor listening

3 Steps to Authentic Power and Integrity

How do you breakthrough this? First, value other people. You have to genuinely want to help them succeed. In addition, consider three key communication skills:
1. Words-what you say!
2. Voice tone-how you say it!
3. Body language-what you do about what you say!

3 Communicate Skills with Authentic Power and Positivity!Words account for 7% of your communication skills impact. Although, words are important. Build people up not down, and your words will have positive results. Voice tone is 38% of the impact. This is how you say things. It’s your quality and strength of what we say. For example is your voice loud, soft, angry, caring, sarcastic or ridiculing. Voice tone is to your words is like making letters bold when you type.

What’s left? 55% of the impact of your communication is how you act about what you say. It’s about your behavior and body language. Do you sit up, look people in the eye, turn your back to someone, focus on your phone while talking, or follow-through on a commitment?  Let’s say you tell an employee that customer service is important. However, you are rude when you talk to customers. You actions tell the truth not your words. Then, of course, that person trusts you less. If you keep up that behavior the person won’t believe in you.

Pulling It All Together

When all your words, tone and behavior line up with positivity you communicate with power and integrity.  When you are authentic like this you create trust, and rapport with people-faster!

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