3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged Team

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In this employee engagement training video I will provide you with three hints you can use as a manager to quickly engage your team. Much has been written about employee engagement. The bottom-line, it all comes down to trust as the starting point. I use methods similar to these leadership strategies on consulting assignments. Most often these assignments are with poor performing teams or companies. Then, within a matter of weeks or sometimes days performance ramps up!

3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged Team 3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged TeamFirst, you have to do your homework, fully observe your team in action to gain a new perspective. This involves excellent communication: listening, asking questions and clarifying expectations and needs. You will obtain team buy-in and commitment through this approach. This begins to engage employees.

Second, you have to invest in the team through training and education. The more you do the better. Often managers have to learn how to train. This needs to be done through participatory learning strategies. People learn best by doing. You have to raise their competence to achieve more and to do it faster. Also, through role-play, competitions and recognition, you can make your sessions relevant, fun and exciting.

Third, you have to apply coaching for excellence methods. I recommend that you always be coaching. Great leaders coach all performers not just the poorer ones. Great coaching leads to engaged employees. Coaching increases commitment and consistency of effort. These are keys to top performance.

3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged Team 3 Hints to Quickly Engage EmployeesWatch this employee engagement motivational video and act on it. It gives you the initial tools to catapult your team forward.

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3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged Team 3 Hints to Quickly Engage EmployeesOr, do you want a proven game-plan for career success? If so, check out Doug and Rick’s Superstar Leadership book. 

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3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged Team 3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged Team

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