3 Ways to Handle Poor Employee Performance Constructively

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Poor employee performance confronts all team leaders, supervisors, managers, or executives. It goes with the territory. Fortunately, there are really few bad employees, just some that have performance issues. Most employees think they are performing better than they are. Most employees can perform significantly better than they are.

In fact, everyone develops problems at some point in their careers if they are growing and learning. This leadership training video will give you precise steps to take to be successful at being a positive influence with employees.

How to Minimize Most Employee Performance Problems

Above all, most performance issues can be minimized or eliminated. For example:

  1. Hire better by using a behavioral interviewing process, checking references and using the rule of 3’s (3 final candidates, 3 interviews each, with 3 interviewers).
  2. Set clear expectations with every team member. 80% of job problems are a lack of clear expectations/goals and recognition.
  3. Recognize your team genuinely but lavishly.
  4. Do a great job planning with each employee.
  5. Provide monthly training by yourself, outside resources or your HR team.
  6. Hold regular coaching sessions with each team member-monthly.
  7. Communicate3 Ways to Handle Poor Employee Performance Constructively 3 Ways to Handle Poor Employee Performance Constructively effectively through team meetings and one on ones. This means listening, too.

Without these behaviors, managers lose trust. As a result, managers facilitate many employee issues because they neglect the performance management strategies above.

Objectives of the How to Handle Poor Employee Performance Video

The best managers develop their leadership coaching skills and learn how to deal with performance issues constructively and effectively. How do you know if you are successful? Employees become more motivated and improve their results. In the leadership training video, you will learn:

  • 10 Examples of Poor Performance
  • 3 Proven Methods for Dealing with Poor Performance
  • The Leadership Mindset in Dealing with Performance Issues

Pulling It All Together

Many managers struggle with leadership because that cannot deal with poor employee performance. They ignore it until the problems explodes. Or they pounce on the employee right away, yell, criticize and tell, and give no help. Too many lack competence in the key people skills of empathy, listening, problem-solving and giving feedback.

You know you are moving from manager to leader when you can motivate employees to achieve significantly better results while helping them with their performance problems. In summary, remember this: “If you want your team to be better, you must be a better leader.”

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