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Each person defines success on a very personal level, and the definitions are as unique as each individual. Bottom-line success involves a goal or way of life we are striving to attain. It is also what we value in life or want to have or do or be.

Where Does Our Success Come From? Our Habits…

However we define success, our habits determine our fate. Reinforce your habits by repetition. Consequently, this creates new powerful behaviors. Our state of mind is supported by good habits and vice versa. Regardless of the outcome and whether it’s positive or negative, we do things the way we do because we receive reinforcement and even satisfaction from our behaviors. Smoking is a habit that some people acquire. The initial reinforcement for smoking may be that it “calms my nerves” or “makes me look cool.” After I smoke for a while, it becomes part of me. Eventually, I am stuck with the habit, and I may even forget the original reasons for adopting the behavior. Work practices are formed the same way.

Here are four success habits when relentlessly emphasized give us a process for our success. It takes a commitment to learning. Famed football coach Nick Saban at Alabama (winner of five national championships) often talks about this with his players. Too often the gurus overlook this as they share their formula for a better way of life.

Success Habit #1

Start by build on your positive behaviors. Emphasize your strengths. Reflecting on your positive attributes is like stopping to smell the roses. Consciously review the experience and savor it. This success is what we are targeting, so it is important to soak it in. Enjoy it! If you just mark your accomplishment off your To-Do list and start on the next goal, nothing will feel significant. There will always be more to do.

Success Habit #2

In addition, address self-limiting behaviors. To consistently succeed, we all need to raise an awareness of the things that we do not do that keeps us from achieving our goals. We can use this information to make conscious changes in our behavior.

Success Habit #3

One of the most effective ways to learn a new successful practice and incorporate it into your daily life is to share it with others. This is about mentoring others. Use the LUTI model, which stands for “Learn it, Use it, Teach others, and Inspect it.” Certainly, this represents an effective way to fully integrate new learning while changing personal behavior.

Success Habit #4

Make sure that your future avoids being doomed. Seize the future! Our current habits got us where we are now. If we do not do things differently, we will experience the same results in the future. Small things done differently in strategic places creates major impact With our disruptive world, continuous improvement is a critical success factor for anyone. Finally, remember this, with these four success habits, “success is a state of being not a destination or journey.”


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4 Success Habits that Maximize Your Potential

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