5 Career Acceleration Success Secrets

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Did you know you have to be high to accelerate your career? I mean high…no kidding?

Arnold Lemerand knows what it means to get high. One day, he was driving with his wife through the neighborhood. As he passed by a construction site, he heard some children frantically screaming. He hurried to their location, where he spotted a young boy with his head pinned under a sewage pipe. If he did not act quickly, the pipe would suffocate the boy in the sand. What could he do? As a result, without a second thought, he did the only thing possible; he lifted the 1600 pound pipe and the boy was freed.

Later in an interview with the UPI, Arnold explained that he had a heart attack recently and the doctor told him not to life heavy items. The pipe was so heavy that his two teenage sons tried to lift the pipe and could not. How did Arnold manage to lift the pipe? He acted in an emergency, accessed his reserve personal potential, and lifted the pipe. He got high – naturally!

The Potential High 

5 Career Acceleration Success SecretsDr. Goldstein, from the Addiction Research Foundation in California, concluded that the brain contains substances like cocaine, heroin, and morphine. The effects, however, are positive, not negative. These natural hormones are endorphin, beta-endorphin, dynorphin and adrenaline. Furthermore, Dr. Roger Guillemin from the Salk Institute said these “keys” are pain relievers. In other words, if people are sad, frustrated, dejected, or even physically hurt, access to these hormones (just like Arnold) can overcome the pain and create more positive responses.

Psychologist William James wrote, “The greatest discovery of our generation is that people can alter the outer aspects of their lives by changing the inner attitudes of their minds.” So, what can you do to get high naturally, to position your mind and behavior so you excel in your current job and your next career?  You must learn to access your potential and learn to apply it effortlessly.

The Career Plan

Here are 5 secrets that with disciplined application can help you accelerate your career.

Crystallize a vision

Your mind is like a computer that acts on the input it is given. Your vision involves goals and a plan (See my post, 5 Steps to ACE Your Next Performance Review for ideas) for your current job and your “ideal” job. With these you create a cloud application in your mind for your success. In addition, research shows that people who set and write goals perform at a higher level. Also, they end up making more money and are happier than those who do not.

Increase your vitality

Way too many managers or employees fall into this terrible trap. The first year of their careers, they are excited and attend all kinds of seminars, read the key books, or get help from others. Before they know it, ten years go by and they stopped the continuous learning. Now they do not have ten years’ experience, but one year’s experience ten times. Plus, the job is routine and boring. To advance in your career, you need expert power. This means you learn more than others who are doing the same job or the next job you want. Learning increases your vitality and commitment to be the best at what you do. For example, in the Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For employees log 6–70 hours of training per year!  That is part of the reason their performance is better. If you want to move ahead, you must commit to gain the knowledge and skill to be one of the best.

Ensure your virtues are sound

Authors Kouzes and Posner found that over 80% of managers want an honest leader. With all the leadership distrust in organizations today, this rings true for everyone. An unknown author said, “No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.” 

Apply the master skill-visualize

Think, speak, and see success. Make it a habit to think and speak positive affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement about yourself. for example, “I am a successful District Manager”, or “I am a confident and powerful public speaker.” The reiteration of the thoughts and the verbal confessions solidify the fact. In addition, add mental rehearsal, the master skill of high performance.(Go here for step-by-step details.) For instance, Olympic athletes use mental rehearsal to prepare their minds and bodies to compete at their peak performance. However, we all know life and others will barrage you with the negative. Unless you purposefully counteract this with your own initiatives, even the best will be overwhelmed with defeatism.

Collaborate for victory

You will need a team to achieve your career dream. Your ethics, communication and teamwork with colleagues, co-workers and customers are crucial to success. Engage the emotional intelligence taught by Dr. Daniel Goleman to raise your game in this area. Likewise, hold true to this saying, “Give other people what they want, and you will get what you want.” Finally, Dr. Ronald Burt of the University of Chicago has discovered that social networking is a key determinant to career advancement.

Unlimited Career Possibilities

Certainly, you have seen the research that says artificial intelligence or robotics will eliminate the jobs of many people? Yet, it also says millions of new job possibilities for people will be developed in the next twenty years. Use these five secrets to career acceleration consistently! Too many fall short of their potential.  Thus, too many people find themselves unprepared to compete within their own minds. However, as the secrets are applied habitually, they help you access your body’s hormones to stay high naturally. So, you have the best opportunity available to achieve even the most lofty career goals.

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