5 Key Coaching Opportunities for Leadership Success

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5 Key Coaching Opportunities for Leadership Success WCW, LeadershipHighContactSportCoaching is the secret sauce of leadership success for a manager. Why? Because so few do it effectively. Most talk about it, and most don’t do it or don’t do it well. In this leadership video Rick will share five key coaching business opportunities for a manager. Using them well, you can differentiate yourself as a leader. Focusing on these five times in any given month, you will add a personal touch to your leadership approach. Your goal is to bring out the best in your team. It’s not micromanaging, it’s leadership engagement. Done with integrity you will raise your team’s commitment to excellence as well as your own. You will achieve more effective results. You will achieve your goals.

Olympic athletes are the best of the best in their fields. What do they have in common-a coach! Their coaches train and work with them daily over a four year period-10,000 hours-to prepare to win a medal in the games and to represent their country. Their efforts are persistent and relentless. This leadership coaching training video clip will explain how that relates to the workplace and how it can accelerate your career success as a manager.

Rick has used this approach coaching business managers to win 48 quality service awards, improve customer retention by 20+ points, enhance employee engagement by 15+ points, and increase sales 56%, 75% and 122%. WHY NOT YOU?

5 Key Coaching Opportunities for Leadership Success SuperstarLeadershipBook2Rick and his business partner Doug, published these approaches in their book, Superstar Leadership. They created the Superstar Leadership Model as a way to remember and apply the principles.

Want more? Check out this complimentary coach assessment, and guide for you leadership development: Coaching for Results.




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  • Paul

    “Brains are good, but character is better”. A good brain with a bad character wont achieve much. Integrity last longer than intelligent. Hard truth, thanks.

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5 Key Coaching Opportunities for Leadership Success 5 Key Coaching Opportunities for Leadership Success

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