5 Keys to Firing an Employee Humanely NOT Horrifically

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Firing an employee is among the hardest things for most managers to do. For anyone with a heart, it’s the dreaded duty that comes with the title. But, for any leader that’s committed to creating an extraordinary team, it’s an inevitable reality. This management training video will give you five keys to firing someone.

How to Prevent Firing an Employee

5 Keys to Firing an Employee Humanely NOT Horrifically 5 Keys to Firing an Employee Humanely NOT HorrificallyKeep in mind, most employee terminations can be prevented. How? Firstly, do a great job hiring great people. See my video, 11 Recruiting Tips for Hiring the Best People. Secondly, do a great job of training and coaching employees. See my leadership video training, 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers. If you use these strategies you won’t have to fire many people. In fact, you will put together excellent teams that perform exceptionally well.

If you do have an employee that begins to perform poorly, get on it. See my management training video, How to Deal with Poor Employee Performance. Talk to employees with care and concern. Sometimes a change in life causes problems at work. These could be issues with children, chemical abuse, marital problems, financial hardships or a person may be getting burnt out. On the other hand, some people just take longer to learn or occasionally goof off and do stupid things. In addition, sometimes employees just do a poor job or make mistakes. The quicker you deal their performance issues the better chance you have for them to improve. Yes, be caring but have a backbone of steel when it comes to achieving higher standards and goals. That’s how trust, respect and  excellence is realized. It’s also how you avoid the need for firing an employee.

5 Keys to Firing an Employee Humanely

In this video clip, you will learn key recommendations for firing someone humanely not horrifically. Yelling, swearing, sarcasm, caustic criticism, bullying or neglect don’t help anything. Managers with a lack of integrity use these behaviors. In all phases of the process show empathy but uphold high standards, and clear expectations.

Consequently, consider these 5 alternative approaches for firing an employee. The leadership training video will give you more details.

  1. Caution
  2. Compassion
  3. Candid
  4. Conserve
  5. Complement

In addition, make sure you follow your company’s disciplinary process and factually not emotionally document your activity.  Talk to your supervisor and HR for guidance when the person begins to perform poorly. Don’t wait until you are fed up and want to fire the person. Be proactive and get help right away in dealing with the issue. Keep the faith. Sometimes getting fired can be a wake-up call to the employee to help the person improve. Also, it can a wake-up call for you the manager. What can you do differently or better next time? Remember this quote, “When the team fails, the leader fails. When the team wins, the leader wins.”

Want to accelerate your coaching skills, so firing an employee happens infrequently? See this complimentary guide-Coaching for Results. 

5 Keys to Firing an Employee Humanely NOT Horrifically 5 Keys to Firing an Employee Humanely NOT HorrificallyDo you want a proven game-plan for your management career success? If so, check out Rick’s Superstar Leadership Performance Plan. 

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5 Keys to Firing an Employee Humanely NOT Horrifically

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