The 5 Laws of GoalPower: Achieve the Success You Dream About

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To be all you can be you must dream of being more. That’s what GoalPower is all about. This personal development training video will teach the 5 Laws of GoalPower and how to activate them in your life. Locke and Latham’s research shows that goalsetting works to improve performance in all kinds of jobs. In addition, it ramps up success in life.  Unfortunately some research suggests that only 10% of people have written goals. While others have goals in their minds eye, they fail at goalsetting because they don’t have a plan or a process to replicate.

Why not be one of the winners with GoalPower?

Therefore, why not dig in and do something different this year, this month and this day? Why not expect the best and attain the best with a proven step by step process? This goalsetting video will teach the 5 Laws of GoalPower. What do you want out of life:

The 5 Laws of GoalPower: Achieve the Success You Dream

  • Success?
  • Happiness?
  • Peace of Mind?
  • Career Advancement?
  • A Great Family?
  • Financial Independence?
  • Friends?
  • Travel?
  • Health?

Finally, what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Think big, Believe Big. Act big! Through GoalPower you have the opportunity to create the success you have only dreamed about.

The 5 Laws of GoalPower: Achieve the Success You Dream Do you want a step by step program to accelerate your success in your career and life. If so, check out our GoalPower eBook.   If you are a manager, know that Rick has coached or trained over 500, 000 managers worldwide, representing over 4 million employees.

In addition, do you want a proven game-plan for success as a leader? If so, check out Doug and Rick’s new book: Superstar Leadership.



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The 5 Laws of GoalPower: Achieve the Success You Dream

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