7 Common Management Mistakes of Bad Bosses

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Bad bosses have many things in common – and most of those “things” happen to be the common management mistakes they make. This list does not cover every mistake, but it tackles seven that are worth avoiding.

4 Common Management Mistakes

Relying on your promotion to give you power

A promotion to a management position gives you the title to do your job, but it is your responsibility to get the tools to do your job. So, what are you actively doing to learn the ropes, seek feedback along the way, and develop yourself as a manager? Your team will have a tough time respecting you if you do not do the job your entrusted to do.

Acting on assumptions

Can you read minds? No. Can your team? No. Despite these two answers, you would be amazed at how often managers assume their teams know what they want – and how often managers make assumptions regarding their teams’ true feelings about them. Two things that managers must do to avoid mind-reading efforts: 1) Clearly communicate goals and expectations – do not assume your teams know these. 2) Directly request feedback from team members and listen – you cannot expect your team to be candid with you if you do not invite them to share their insights. Communication is critical.

7 Common Management Mistakes of Bad BossesBeing critical and negative

Unfortunately, nasty negative managers are a fact. Of course, employees hate their approach. Consequently, it affects their morale and engagement. Bosses who are critical lack a caring value. In addition, they give little praise or recognition.  Unfortunately, for the employees there is too much of this going around.

Lack of reliable performance discussions

Poor leaders do not communicate well with their teams. They either skip doing team meetings or one on ones or do them poorly. Research shows that effective one on one performance discussions increase employee motivation and performance (Go here to do an outstanding performance review.). Also, when done well performance discussions increase innovation, teamwork, and customer service. You do not want to commit this management mistake.

3 Additional Management Mistakes

Leading without example

Most leaders have no problem telling others what to do and what to change – but the mistake they make is they master “talking the talk,” but they fail to “walk the walk.” Great managers lead by example; they do not ask or expect their teams to do anything they are not willing to do themselves.

Ridding the workplace of fun

Sometimes managers get such tunnel vision that they forgo all fun to get serious about success. This is a dangerous managing mentality that is driven by a huge misunderstanding. Having fun does not interfere with driving success unless it is not clear which effort is the priority. So once again, refer to #2 and clarify your goals, but do not compromise fun in the process – ensuring the workplace environment is enjoyable to your team members is worth your time.

Getting comfortable

Let us say you achieve your goal, accomplish your vision, and deliver results – then what? Well, mediocre managers would leave it at that and call it a great day! This is a big management mistake. But great managers would keep at it – their commitment to continual improvement and learning would override their opportunity to get complacent. Do not stop with success!

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