7 Communication Tips for Collaborating with Other People

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Do you want 7 communication tips that are proven to work? Someone once said, “Career success is simple, just do the right thing at the right time in the right way.” Getting along with other people is a key part of this equation. This doesn’t always mean you have to approve or agree with what others do or say. Rather, it means working effectively with others towards common goals.

7 Communication Tips for Getting Along with Other PeoplePeople have an innate desire to get along with others by communicating well. Once, at a conference with about 500 people in attendance, the speaker asked for any member of his audience to stand up that couldn’t get along with other people. No one stood up. The speaker issued the command again and still no one stood up. After a little silence, finally, a man stood up at the back of the group. The speaker said, “Sir, you mean to tell me you can’t get along with other people.” The guy replied, “Sure I can. But I felt sorry for you standing all by yourself.”

Though everyone may want to get along with others this does not always mean they do successfully. The lack of these communication tips appears in any given day. They show up when you open the newspaper, go online, or watch the news there are countless stories of burglaries, murders, divorces, business strife and family problems. Sources say at any given time there are over 40 wars in the world. The caustic rhetoric of political campaigns demonstrates the lack of collaboration in government. Conflict in the workplace is highlighted every day. In fact, the #1 reason people leave a job is not money, it’s because they either dislike their boss or the people they work with.  This begs the question, are people really getting along?

How to Get Along with Other People

Author, businessman and motivator Bob Conklin had a unique way of looking at relationships. He said, “Help other people be successful and you will be successful.”  Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar has a similar approach as he adds, “Give other people what they want, and you will get what you want.” Religious philosophers have written similar ideas. Too often we lose the wisdom of the ages in our frantic effort to succeed or take care of ourselves. It often comes down to these values: follow the golden rule and love thy neighbor as thyself.

Take a second to notice the structure of the ideas of each of these statements. First, help others be successful or get what they want. Second, you will be successful or get what you want. Most of the time we hear the opposite, first, it is “I” or “me” then usually as an afterthought the needs of others are considered. Too many people follow the axiom, “Look out for number one.” However, this kind of selfishness destroys relationships at work and at home.

7 Communication Tips

7 Communication Tips for Getting Along with Other PeopleBeing concerned about the needs of others is a thought process. It is an other-centered focus to life. With this focus you can begin to take actions that create positive working relationships. With the right attitude the right actions will follow. What are the right actions to get along with others? Consider these seven quick, but powerful, communication tips.

  1. Listening effectively.
  2. Asking questions for ideas or input.
  3. Smiling.
  4. Paying attention to others when talking-really. Put the cellphone away!
  5. Being genuinely interested in others.
  6. Giving compliments or praise.
  7. Helping others without being asked.

In business, people who can get along with others are invaluable to organizations. Why? Because they help build high performing teams, connect across continents with a diversity of people, inspire people to reach new goals, accelerate sales or profits and challenge others to innovate while cooperating with their peers. Consequently, the bottom-line impact to all these communication tips is priceless.

The Dr. of Love’s Advice

7 Communication Tips for Getting Along with Other PeopleYears ago a popular song said, “What the world needs now is love sweet love that’s one thing there is just too little of.” The late Leo Buscaglia, also known as Dr. Love, said people have forgotten how to care for or love others. During his career he authored books, spoke to thousands, encouraged them to love and hug one another more. His fundamental message spoke not just to loving one another. In addition, he basically dealt with these communication tips for getting along with other people and expressing your love genuinely.

We don’t really need Dr. Love to tell to love. Care, concern, and love of others are natural emotions. We need to communicate better and express these emotions more.  As we do our relationships will improve. Then, a marvelous thing will happen as a result; we feel better and receive more of what we want in life.

Samuel Smiles said it eloquently, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life, that no person can sincerely try to help another person without helping himself.”

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