7 Keys to Unleash Employee Productivity, Motivation, and Engagement

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Employee productivity is critical to a manager’s success. What do your employees say at the bar or coffee cafe about you (the boss) or the company? How about at tailgating before a football game or before and after a social event at Orchestra Hall? Or at the kitchen table with their family? At work, employees may say one thing, but how they talk about it outside of work is the true story. Make their story of your leadership positive and encouraging. It will help you recruit and keep great team members.

Increasing Employee Productivity, Motivation, and Engagement

7 Keys to Unleash Employee Productivity, Motivation, and EngagementEmployee engagement dismal in so many places. Consequently, hidden morale problems lurk in your organization which lead to unproductive work habits. Two main reasons are the culprit. 82% of managers fail because they do not receive on-going training and development. Once or twice a year does not cut it in competitive marketplace. Managers lack coaching, planning, and training skills.

Most notably, companies foster toxic workplaces that derail employee productivity. For example, one leader walked up to one of his managers and asked in a confrontive manner, “What do YOU do here?” The person replied out of fear, “I don’t know!” The boss fired him on the spot. A true story that demonstrates cultures that are top down driven and intimidating. In another example, a CEO fired 900 employees on a Zoom call. Over the years the corporate world continually shows that profit is more important than people.

A Key to Elevating Employee Productivity, Motivation, and Engagement

Let us clear up one thing first: most experts agree that there is much more to creating a highly motivated and and initiative taking team than money. Yet one thing is obviously true–employees must be paid. And must be paid well. It does to help elevate employee productivity, motivation, engagement, and retention. However, to ensure that this lasts, seven other leadership strategies make a significant difference. You do these to instill trust and a culture that keeps people and attracts the best.

Pulling It All Together

In conclusion, watch this content packed leadership video training now to learn the seven strategies. Take notes. Remember, if you want your team to be better, you must become a better leader. Give us a “Thumbs Up” and please share it with others. And please subscribe to our YouTube channel and Superstar Leadership blog. THANK YOU!

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