Achieving Customer Experience Leadership

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This customer experience training video will share the state of the art in the field. Unfortunately it’s not that good. Companies lose billions of dollars a year because of poor customer service. Few companies have learned how to get better and lead their markets. Most try, and end up failing. They most often fail because they lack the commitment, patience, investment, values and they don’t know how. The lack of competence means no disrespect. Leaders are so often focused on their industry, finances and marketing, they aren’t experts in helping customers. While they may talk a good game, they inadvertently sabotage any serious level of change and improvement.

Rick shares how to improve the customers’ experience in your company. You will learn about:
1. Current industry results,
2. 10 reasons companies fail to get better,
3. The 5 cultural habits of customer driven companies,
4. The key formula for success in any organization,
5. Bottom-line impact for improving the customer experience.

rci-everycompanydeliversacustomerexperienceEvery company delivers a customer experience. A few excel at it. Watch this video and take note on what is required to succeed. While it takes hard work and persistence, the formula for success is ever present. Those leaders and companies who persevere (Wegmans, Disney, Nordstroms and others), receive the payoff in greater sales growth, customer loyalty and profit.

By the way, do you want to more detail on the CX formula for success? If so, check out this white paper: Creating Sustainable Customer Loyalty and Sales Growth. 

SuperstarLeadershipBook-compressorOr, do you want a proven game-plan for career success? If so, check out Doug and Rick’s Superstar Leadership book.

WCW Partners is a business consulting and training company that coaches leaders to achieve record-breaking performances in sales growth, customer experience improvement, employee engagement and leadership effectiveness. Rick Conlow International delivers online coaching and training resources for managers worldwide.

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