Achieving and Sustaining Customer Experience Leadership

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This customer experience training video will share the state of the art in the field. Unfortunately, it is not that good. Companies lose billions of dollars a year because of poor customer service. Few companies have learned how to get it right and lead their markets. Most try and end up failing. They most often fail because they lack the commitment, patience, investment, values, and they do not know how. In addition, they do not understand the value of their team.

However, executives are focused on their industry, finances, marketing, and profitability. Most importantly, their priority does not include helping customers or inspiring their teams. The customer experience or CX is influenced by their EX or employee engagement. While they may talk a good game, they inadvertently sabotage any serious level of change and improvement. Today, to lead in an industry a company must be stellar in their online marketing and any customer contact digitally or personal. This is now called the “business experience” a customer has with a company.

5 Keys to Understanding a Great Customer Experience

Achieving and Sustaining Customer Experience Leadership | Achieving Customer Experience LeadershipRick shares in the customer experience (CX) training video how to improve the CX  and your NPS scores in your company. You will learn about:
1. Current industry results,
2. 10 reasons companies fail to get better,
3. The 5 cultural habits of customer driven companies,
4. The key formula for success in any organization,
5. Bottom-line impact for improving the customer experience.

Every company delivers a customer experience. A few excel at it. Watch this video and take note on what is required to succeed. While it takes hard work and persistence, the formula for success is ever present. Those who succeed make a cultural habit and a way of life not a program.

Pulling It All Together

In summary, those leaders and companies who persevere (Wegmans, Disney, Nordstrom’s, and others), receive the payoff in greater sales growth, customer loyalty, employee loyalty, and profit.

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