The Art and Science of Exemplary Coaching

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You can’t be a great manager if you aren’t an exemplary coach. Unfortunately, coaching is a lost skill. If you walk the halls of the corporate world, you won’t hear or see much coaching for two reasons.

  • Managers seem to be extremely busy.
  • Managers are in too many meetings.

The Art and Science of Exemplary Coaching The Art and Science of Exemplary CoachingDo you want to distinguish your results as a manager? Do you want to accelerate your success as a leader? Then pay attention and learn here; if not, just stay right where you are. Maybe for the rest of your career.

Exemplary Coaching Works!

Coaching makes a huge difference on the bottom-line. A study by the Personnel Management Association compared training alone to coaching and training found that training alone increased productivity by 22.4%. Training plus coaching increased productivity by 88%! Another found a return on investment of coaching to be 529%. The evidence shows that exemplary coaching produces excellent results. Watch this leadership training video now and get more details.

Why don’t managers coach?

Those who don’t coach don’t now how or don’t believe in it. If you want the results, start learning. Through thorough education and training, most managers can learn effective coaching techniques and processes. I have taught nearly 300,000 managers to do so.

Exemplary Coaching Skills

Coaching is an art because it involves a creative process. While certain steps are important in successful coaching, each person that a manager coaches is unique. A good coach facilitates the dynamics of the interpersonal relationships. This skill is not automatic for most folks but can certainly be learned. There are two key values to possess if you want the art of coaching to work for you: Believe in the people you work with and build a trusting partnership created with integ

One definition of a science is “proficient skill, especially reflecting a precise application of facts or principles”. The science of coaching involves step by step procedures and key learnable skills. Exemplary coaching electrifies employee engagement and generates their best performances. Why not be that kind of leader and an exemplary coach?

The Art and Science of Exemplary Coaching The Art and Science of Exemplary CoachingDo you want to benchmark your career with the habits of highly successful people? If so, check out this complimentary inventory and guidebook: Success Practices.

Also, see this video on The Art and Science of Exemplary Coaching.




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The Art and Science of Exemplary Coaching The Art and Science of Exemplary Coaching

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