Why Do Companies Have Bad Employee Engagement?

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Poor communication is on the top of the list for why so many companies have bad employee engagement. Either many leaders skipped the communication classes in school or they don’t care about their teams. Too many are like the CEO who threw a chair in a meeting, after a tirade!

Why Do Companies Have Bad Employee Engagement?These disturbing trends from a 2017 study spell the continued dearth for employee engagement. Only:

  • 21% of employees believe their performance planning is any good.
  • 24% of employees feel connected at work.
  • 25% of employees feel managers are transparent with employees while nearly twice as many managers truly believe that they are.
  • 26% of employee feel valued at work.

All of these are going backward from prior years. Is there any wonder why employee engagement stinks in many places? For example, a CEO in a highly competitive market faced huge price pressures and under-performing businesses that rocked the bottom line. Morale was seriously low and employee turnover high. When does he want to work on it? Next year sometime!!! He needs the transfusion NOW! All business leaders need to learn and understand that turned on employees increase productivity, customer service, sales and profitability!

Richard Branson’s quote identifies a solution. Any manager–first line supervisor to CEO–must master the art and science of communication. Whether an employee is listened to and feels wanted mostly depends on the relationship to their direct supervisor.

How to Eliminate Bad Employee Engagement

Why Do Companies Have Bad Employee Engagement?Excellent companies partner with employees by committing to these actions:

  • Value people, listen to them and help them succeed.
  • Treat employees as #1 in the business.
  • Invest in on-going training, coaching, communication and recognition for employees.
  • Train and coach all of your managers in good leadership and emotional intelligence skills. 

With employee disengagement so high–87% worldwide–one thing is obviously true: companies have to do a better job. Also, each manager needs to take this personally in order to make a positive difference. Richard Branson also said, “Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

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Why Do Companies Have Bad Employee Engagement?

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