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Customer service superstars are rare.  Are you listening? The bottom-line to excellent customer service is defined by the quality of the customer engagement. This requires you treat customers with respect, dignity and care. Poor employee attitudes and a lack of courtesy drives customers away. Duh? It only makes sense. Or, does it? For example, a customer service rep at a well known coffee house, responded to texts before serving waiting customers. She greeted, with a curt, “Yeah.” This lackadaisical approach is all too common today.

Two Ways to Deal with Customers

Consider two approaches in dealing with people and customers. The first one is a self-centered approach to relating to people. This means your focus is on you, not others. What’s most important is what’s happening to you and how it affects you and why you do or don’t like it. If it doesn’t go your way, you get irritated, frustrated and angry and let people know. This is the wrong approach for customer service. It comes from a lack of maturity or a non-caring attitude. Not caring is a disease that has to be cured.

WCW, SuccessMoreAboutOthersThe alternative method is an other-centered approach. Your goal here is to help other people, in this case-customers or co-workers. A highly successful and respected businessman named Bob Conklin said, ‘Help other people get what they want and you will get what you want.” Notice how he said this. First you help, then you get. This is a caring approach when done genuinely and with integrity. In other words, you care how others are affected by your actions. You wish them well and try to do the right thing for them. This is a prerequisite for customer service superstars.

Defining Customer Engagement

Here are four ways to define customer engagement:

  • Moment of Truth-anything you do that directly affects customers’ perception of you (remember, you are the company you work for) or your organization.
  • Moment of Misery-when you do less than the customer expects. This is poor service.
  • Moment of Mediocrity-when you only meet a customer’s expectation. This is average service.
  • Moment of Magnificence -when you exceed the customer’s expectation. This is exceptional customer service.

WCW, ServeYourCustomerWellCustomer service superstars have the goal to treat customers much better than they expect by self-managing each moment of truth so the customer experiences exceptional, if not memorable, service. To learn what to do, think of what impresses you as a customer. Also, think of what you wish people in customer service roles would do. All great service begins with courtesy and friendliness. Next, the service provider needs to be engaging and positive. This could include asking a few questions and listening to what the customer wants or needs. The service providers needs to begin to solve the customer’s problem. This may include defining the product or service, offering options, handling a concern or problem, and just taking an order. An excellent conclusion to serving the customer includes a summary, positive final words and a thank you. The best service providers always follow-up to add that extra value.

You do all of this within the realm of the moments of truth in your job. It’s a science because certain steps must be followed. It’s an art because you add your personality and flair to it while dealing with each customer as a unique individual. This is the essence of customer service superstars and it pays off in terms of career opportunities.

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