19 Communication Quotes of Insightful Wisdom

The number one problem in organizations is the lack of communication. This includes executives with one another.  Furthermore, it maliciously spreads to management across departmental silos. And, [...]


The Positive Impact of Performance Discussions

According to research employees hate performance reviews and love performance discussions. Why? Because  leaders engage their employees face to face on a regular basis not just once or twice a [...]


7 Communication Tips for Collaborating with Other People

Do you want 7 communication tips that are proven to work? Someone once said, “Career success is simple, just do the right thing at the right time in the right way.” Getting along with [...]


17 Memorable Quotes about Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Gratitude means the quality of being thankful, and the readiness to show appreciation for or to return kindness. In our drive for success, many times we neglect what’s most important and [...]


Servant Leaders Embrace the Multigenerational Workforce

Servant leaders do not pay much attention to the concept of a multigenerational workforce. Factors such as age, or sex, or background, or religion are relatively oblivious to them. While at the [...]


13 Lethal Coaching Mistakes Made by Managers

Want to eliminate your coaching mistakes? Do you want to be a better coach? Shhh, this is top secret! Not even the CIA, KGB, MI6, or Mossad know about this! Great coaching is the secret sauce to [...]


The Number One Trait of Horrible Bosses

The #1 trait of horrible bosses is not that uncommon. While there are many despicable traits of a bad boss, the biggest complaint is that they are persistent purveyors of negative vibes. They are [...]


A Listening Leader is Golden, Others are a Dime a Dozen

Leaders that don’t listen are a dime a dozen, as the saying goes. Almost everyone has had a boss that does all the talking. I am tired of them, aren’t you? Consequently, most of them [...]


Smile with a Helping Hand: Change the World for the Better

Have you ever notice how people don’t smile very much? At a recent happy event, a wedding, I noticed many of the guests had frowns or deadpan looks on their faces. My wife mentioned the [...]


Communicating Well in Spite of a Difference in Opinion

Today it appears that your opinion on whatever subject, it’s either black or white and no in-between.  Many of us feel compelled to tell everybody how right we are in our views. [...]

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