Achieving Customer Experience Leadership

This customer experience training video will share the state-of-the-art in the field. Unfortunately, it is not that good but that could be a benefit for you. Companies lose billions of dollars a [...]


Great Companies and Leaders Elevate People First

Great companies and managers elevate people first. Yet, employees’ are disengaged to the tune of 85% worldwide. In the US it is 70%. Either number is disastrously poor. What does this mean [...]


The Secret Sauce to a Superior Customer Experience

A superior customer experience is rare. I travel often. As a result, I live the best and worst customer experience’s companies have to offer. The poor examples outnumber the good. For [...]


Human Sigma: The Lucrative Link for Better Results

Human Sigma involves the connection between employee engagement and the customer experience. Each undoubtedly linked in influencing a company’s financial results. Yet, it’s important [...]


5 Customer Service Lessons from the Mall of America

As I conducted a customer service seminar at the Mall of America, I had the idea to rate the mall’s stores to gain key customer service lessons. I had 45 participants, they were game, so I [...]


The Great Customer Experience Scam

Sadly, the great customer experience scam is on. First, nearly everybody says they are in favor of good customer service. It is as desirable as apple pie, family, and free expression, all rolled [...]


Horrible Customer Service Reigns, Have You Noticed?

Horrible customer service is the norm today. It reigns! Have you experienced any similar scenarios recently like the ones below? I have all within the last month. Can you relate to these? I know [...]


11 CX Flaws that Foretell a Company’s Fatal Future

Fatal CX flaws in thinking and strategy foretell the demise of most companies trying to improve their customers’ experience. Their efforts become an epic comedy of errors to the tune of the [...]


The 5 Cultural Habits of Customer Driven Companies

In the quest to improve the customer experience and customer loyalty, consider the “cultural habits” of successful service organizations, such as: Disney, Apple, Southwest Airlines, [...]


How Effective is Customer Service Today, Really?

How good or bad is the customer service you receive? I know it depends on the company and even the person. Yet, overall, how would you rate the customer service delivered by the companies you [...]

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