Office Politics: Crossing Swords or Building Bridges

Office politics most often leads to crossing swords or building bridges. You see, office politics spawn from human nature-good or bad. Being political means seeking to use or gain position power [...]


37 Terrific Teamwork Quotes: Embracing the Power of Unity

Teamwork works! These teamwork quotes illustrate that. Yet, research demonstrates that 60% teams fail. Another study shows that 75% of teams are dysfunctional. Company slogans chant T.E.A.M. [...]


Why Every Employee Should Become an Entrepreneur

Could you be an entrepreneur? I have come across tons of people who are tired of the way companies and their bosses have treated them. I say, “Don’t put up with it!” It is time [...]


Excellent Execution: 4 Leadership Pillars

Most managers lack excellent execution skills. “Execution is the great unaddressed issue in the business world today. Its absence is the single biggest obstacle to success.  Furthermore, it [...]


The Greatest Leadership Myth Ever-Busted!

The greatest leadership myth is not just about the American culture. Unfortunately, it’s a phenomenon that has infiltrated leadership thought globally. For example, we see the negative side [...]


Rethink Leadership or Fail: Change to Succeed

Rethink leadership or fail. We live in challenging times. Similarly, Abigail Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson in 1790, “These are hard times in which a genius would wish to live. Great [...]


Workplace Diversity: 4 Ways to Communicate Respectfully

We live in a world of diversity. It is obvious to almost everyone. For an authentic leader, workplace relationships are free from prejudice and discrimination, and does not include racial slurs [...]


13 Big Data & Technology Quotes that Change the World

People are in trouble from Big Data and technology. Above all, this is the forefront of an attack on the importance of people in organizations. 10 Big Data/Technology Quotes that Spell the Demise [...]

25 Team Leadership Quotes that Inspire Greatness

Team leadership is a precious skill. However, teams in organizations are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They work and make progress. Then, boom, they materialize into a nightmare. Everyone talks [...]


10 People Skills that are Guilty of Desertion

“People skills are the most important skills I had to learn to be successful.”  Declared flamboyant businessman Richard Branson. Dr. Daniel Goleman calls these skills our Emotional [...]

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