37 Terrific Teamwork Quotes: Embracing the Power of Unity

Teamwork works! These teamwork quotes illustrate that. Yet, research demonstrates that 60% teams fail. Another study shows that 75% of teams are dysfunctional. Company slogans chant T.E.A.M. [...]


How to Eliminate the Whirlwind & Increase Productivity

Many managers harp on the all-too-disorderly whirlwind way of doing business these days. Today, with many employees working remote, we are expected to always be accessible. So, we are in constant [...]

25 Team Leadership Quotes that Inspire Greatness

Team leadership is a precious skill. However, teams in organizations are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They work and make progress. Then, boom, they materialize into a nightmare. Everyone talks [...]


Employees Crave Recognition, Give it to Them!

Employee’s crave recognition. Think of how our reliable dog friends become when they are praised for a certain behavior that we like. In addition, a two-handed ear or neck rubbing has them [...]


3 Communication Skills with Authentic Power and Positivity!

Excellent communication skills will transform your impact on others. Most managers, and employees are unaware of the concept discussed in this communication skills training video. Consequently, [...]


11 Mistakes Managers Make in the Performance Appraisal

Most employees dread a performance appraisal. Why? Quite frankly managers are poor at it. So, most end up doing more damage than good. Nearly all bigger companies have gone to online systems to [...]


10 People Skills that are Guilty of Desertion

“People skills are the most important skills I had to learn to be successful.”  Declared flamboyant businessman Richard Branson. Dr. Daniel Goleman calls these skills our Emotional [...]


7 Courageous Ways to Deal with a Horrible Boss

A horrible boss doesn’t just show up in the movies. How many times have you heard someone complain about a bad boss? Almost everyone has worked with one at some time in their careers. [...]


How would YOU Handle these 3 Management Problems?

Over the years, I have coached leaders confronted with management problems that sometimes conflict with the very ethics that a company proclaims. I admire most people who are managers. They are [...]


3 Leadership Lessons for Dealing with Employee Performance Issues

Leadership lessons are invaluable as long as you take the time to recognize and apply them. Early in my career I hired an employee, that had a stellar background and work history but almost [...]

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