The Power of Coaching for High Performance

In this leadership training video Rick teaches the power of coaching for high performance. His coaching tips will enhance your leadership skills. Dig into it, if you need to motivate your [...]


5 Coaching Steps that Bring Out the Best in People

Unfortunately, few managers know the coaching steps to follow to become an outstanding coach. So, they do not coach well. Why? Because it is not a priority. Of course, you know that being an [...]


The Great Resignation: Poor Management Impact on Employees

The great resignation and quit began well before the pandemic. With new communication technologies and needed remote work with covid-19, the result accelerated. Companies for decades have [...]


The Greatest Sales Secret of All-Time

All salespeople want to win and are looking for that sales secret for greater success. Yet, many shoot themselves in the foot by how they conduct their careers. They don’t know or pay [...]


5 Reasons Leadership Failure Happens

Five poisonous pills contribute to managers becoming ineffective.  They are the ingredients to leadership failure. This training video will give you brief case studies on each. Certainly, Rick [...]


3 Ways to Plan to Win with Your Team

What is your plan for your team’s success this month, quarter and year? If you do not plan well, you plan to fail. In this leadership training video, Rick shares 3 levels of operational [...]


3 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself Today!

I believe everyone is a winner. Everyone is motivated. The truth is some days are better than others, right? Just because a day goes bad or you fail to achieve a goal, it doesn’t mean you [...]


3 Hints to Quickly Achieve an Engaged Team

In this employee engagement training video I will provide you with three hints you can use as a manager to quickly engage your team. Much has been written about employee engagement. The [...]


4 Key Team Leadership Skills for Success

In this team leadership training video Rick will share two keys to building a high-performance team: content and process. Content involves the goals and tasks of the team. Process is how people [...]


How to Inspire, Coach and Develop People

Each of our leadership  training videos give you specifics about how to inspire, coach, develop and lead people. It takes a detailed blueprint to build a skyscraper. An architect puts in serious [...]

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