Character Defines a Leader’s Success

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Character defines a leader’s success and legacy. For example, think of a leader you know. Answer these questions about that person’s character. Answers to these questions define a pattern of behavior.

Character Defines a Leader's Success Character Defines a Leader's Success10 Questions that Define a Person’s Character

  1. Does the leader tell the truth?
  2. Can you count on this leader to really listen to you?
  3. Does the leader follow-through on his or her commitments or promises?
  4. Will this person ‘have your back’?
  5. Does the leader give you help (coaching, training, support or other) to succeed?
  6. Can he or she be trusted to do the right thing, even when it is hard to do it?
  7. Will this person help others without looking for a payback at some level?
  8. When the leader talks about other people is it generally positive? (particularly when the person is not there.)
  9. Does this person collaborate with and unify diverse groups of people?
  10. When making decisions will this person do the right or best thing for others rather than what helps him/her personally?

Character Defines a Leader's Success Character Defines a Leader's SuccessFor instance, an employee will answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to these kinds of questions; there is no middle ground. These ten questions illustrate the key trait of servant leaders that differentiate their character from all others. An admirable character is highlighted by integrity.  ‘Yes’ answers lead to trust, employee engagement, positive working relationships, and better results. ‘No’ answers create the opposite. In summary, who you are eventually speaks louder and more clearly than what you say.

Pulling It All Together

Edelman’s Trust Barometer shows nearly half of employees do not trust business leaders to make honest or ethical decisions. That is a travesty, but an outcome made by choice. Yet, it is an improvement and identifies business as the most trusted institution. Furthermore, people are asking for more. If you are a leader, you can be a disruptive positive force for your team and company by standing up front in this momentum of change. Lead with integrity–it is still rare today. Your character will distinguish you and your team.

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Character Defines a Leader's Success Character Defines a Leader's Success

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