Communication is More than a Two-Way Street

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Managers, here’s a thought for the day, really communicate with your team. We have been duped by education. In business and certainly in life communication is more than a two-way street.  50/50 doesn’t work. There isn’t commitment. I believe at work the leader is 100% accountable. Performance issues, workplace conflicts and employee disengagement often are the result of poor communication. Oh, yeah, no time is not a legitimate excuse.

So today, really communicate with your team:

  1. Say hi to each person during the day sometime, and use their name
  2. Check in, How are YOU doing?
  3. Praise an employee’s progress
  4. Listen to an employee’s concern
  5. Encourage your team
  6. Validate an employee’s idea
  7. Facilitate an effective meeting that’s more a dialogue than a monologue
  8. Be available for a question
  9. Clarify a concern about priorities
  10. Share key information
  11. Have your team’s back
  12. Make time to discuss a problem
  13. Plan with your team
  14. Compliment an employee in front of a co-worker
  15. Take the time to coach
  16. Involve them in value-added training
  17. Celebrate a victory together
  18. Make a constructive decision on a request
  19. Deal with poor performance constructively but quickly
  20. Admit a mistake
  21. Give your team the credit for a win
  22. Express enthusiasm for your team and its mission
  23. Smile once in a while
  24. Have some fun
  25. Be positive not negative

Communication is More than a Two-Way StreetWhile there are many other actions to take, you get the idea. Genuine communication like this creates respect and trust. It also builds positive working relationships and a higher performing team. However, it’s seems to be rare. Why not do these every day seamlessly in the midst of the whirlwind of work? This isn’t an assignment.  These kinds of actions are more than management, it’s leadership.

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