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Companies face continuous disruptive pressures from all angles today. Regardless of the technological, product or organizational changes; companies are only as good as their people. Unfortunately, the employee teams are often an afterthought. That is the reason most strategic change falls short of critical goals.  Our approach organizes people challenges front and center in any needed change.

Our partnerships with clients focus on dramatically increasing leadership effectiveness. In addition, we coach the organization’s management to execute brilliantly using our RCI’s High Performance Formula on key priorities. We do not pontificate with academics or write boring reports. Instead, we take a hands-on and engaging approach that increase sales, employee engagement and customer loyalty.

If you want stellar results, reach out to us. We partner with companies that want to create humane high-performance and ethical cultures. If you do not please contact someone else. If you do go here: CONTACT US.

Also, check out our brief video trainings below on Creating a High Performance Team, Excellent Execution of Business Strategy and 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers.

We partnered with our clients to achieve:

  • 95% NPS, improving CX scores 19 points.
  • 69% eNPS, increasing EX scores 14 points.
  • 4X decrease in employee turnover.
  • 60% reductions in customer complaints.
  • 48-122% sales increases.
  • 48 Quality Service Awards (including Ford’s President Award, Canada’s Consumer Choice Award, and the JD Power Award).


RCI helps you bring all of the pieces together specific to your company’s management and leadership team. We help you plan it, launch it, measure it, and manage it.


Our customer loyalty process is ironclad – even when you’re not. From taking action on customer and employee feedback, to training managers and employees in service excellence, to helping an organization work together to address issues, this is a trip worth taking.


RCI helps your leadership team create a winning work environment where salespeople can have fun and respond to the challenges of performing at higher levels.


Employee engagement is about the working relationships in the company not the reporting structures. RCI specializes in determining what is really going on? What do you want to become? Then, collaborating to craft the best way forward.

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