RCI Bottom-Line Consulting and Training

Developing the Capability in You

Through relentless and passionate execution, follow-up, and follow-through on every project or initiative, RCI develops the competency and effectiveness of your employees, management, and company.

70% to 80% of all projects fail because of lack of follow-up or follow-through!

RCI customizes corporate change strategies to your company’s needs and goals, and then stays with you to sustain change and results.

Through our consulting services we will help you:

  • Strengthen Sales
  • Boost Productivity
  • Improve Quality
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction
  • Attract and Retain Customers


RCI helps you bring all of the pieces together specific to your company’s management and leadership team. We help you plan it, launch it, measure it, and manage it.


Our customer loyalty process is ironclad – even when you’re not. From taking action on customer and employee feedback, to training managers and employees in service excellence, to helping an organization work together to address issues, this is a trip worth taking.


RCI helps your leadership team create a winning work environment where salespeople can have fun and respond to the challenges of performing at higher levels.


Define what you really want to be and become it. RCI specializes in making sense of the ambiguity that often deters success – we boil the complex down to the basics. We help you determine: Is your team working effectively? If not, why?

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