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Aim for excellence and take someone with you. Leadership development is not for the faint of heart! With predictions of talent shortages in the near future, you need to work through the ups and downs of turning rough stones into polished gems and then learn how to hang onto them.

There are no shortcuts. Sometimes you just need the right system — a process that encourages consistency and follow-through at all levels of your management. Sometimes you need an objective opinion from a wise adviser, one who has seen the inside of more executive suites than a custodial service employee. Or perhaps, sometimes what is needed is a new feedback instrument.

People want to be great. Help them! There isn’t just one formula for developing leadership that sustains the growth and longevity that you desire for your company. A lot goes into expanding management skills and creating leadership that truly leads. RCI helps you bring all of the pieces together specific to your company’s management and leadership team. We help you plan it, launch it, measure it, and manage it.

Leadership Training

RCI leadership training meets your challenges. RCI delivers highly effective coaching and “Live Action” training that is designed to develop leadership in your organization and address your particular business challenges. We make leadership training and development enjoyable, fast-paced, experiential, and applicable to the real world.

Leadership from Within

Where is your organization headed? What are your growth goals? Do you have the leadership in place now and down the road to get you there? Rick designs and installs business team leadership training systems that establish a “Leadership Engine.” Custom-designed, accounting for long-range development and changing leadership competency needs, we identify your organization’s existing leadership development capabilities, building them into a new systematic capability that encompasses your organization’s future strategic needs as well as current strengths and limitations.

Leadership Assessment

RCI works closely with you to create leadership candidate assessments and evaluations for determining who the right person is for a particular position. Good candidates often come from within your organization, and we design the assessment, training, and development needed to build the leadership capabilities required by each area of an organization.

Executive Coaching

RCI helps to assess what leadership challenges you have and then works with you to implement the change — with individuals, groups, and the organization. At times, our coaching is highly specific and focused on particular management or leadership challenges defined by the executive.

Individual Development

RCI can help develop the leadership capabilities of the individuals in your organization. The talents, experiences, and strengths of individual leaders drive every aspect of your organization to achieve the results you want. We start with the skill that each individual already has, and then, we build upon that. We take the time to identify the strengths as well as the development needs of the individual leader. Then, we determine the best approach to developing the individual’s leadership skills, as well as the most effective approach for developing the skills, knowledge, and experience.

Innovation Leadership

Engaged and delivering the best – Rick has deep experience in the development of leadership behaviors necessary to drive change and create engagement in organizations. We focus on the development of skills and methodologies that get the best thinking from your people and encourage a climate that engages the whole organization in growth and innovation.

Organization Development

Rick Conlow is skilled at gauging an organization’s current capabilities and future needs, and then establishing leadership development programs that will develop the leadership at every level of your organization to meet those future needs. These systems are broad, as they reach individuals at various levels in the organization. These approaches involve multiple programs and interlocking performance, learning, and measurement systems tied to organization succession planning, and strategic planning processes in the organization.

Strategic Leadership

Effective leaders plan success. Results are not accidents. RCI assesses the planning and strategies that managers, directors, and executives have in place and analyze what may be missing.


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