Organizational Effectiveness

Effectiveness in an organization is that elusive quality that many desire, but not all achieve. Success is really about the process it takes to get there. If you reach all your lofty sales and productivity goals, but leave a long trail of burnt-out or demoralized people on the journey, what have you accomplished?

Define what you really want to be and become it. WCW specializes in making sense of the ambiguity that often deters success – we boil the complex down to the basics. We help you determine: Is your team working effectively? If not, why?

Organization Development Done Well

WCW helps organizations work effectively, happily.
Excellence is demanded by management and customers, all the while employees are required to do more with less. And it’s become more difficult for employees to determine who the customer is, or even who they work for. Corporate life becomes even more complicated when you consider that “the family” doesn’t always work in the same building or time zone, speak the same functional or cultural language, or feel like family at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just get along? While a group that does not play well in the sandbox certainly undermines company results – and should be a concern – “playing well” together has taken on an entirely new meaning. How do you measure success?

Organizational Assessment

We use opinion surveys, culture surveys, climate surveys, customer engagement and satisfaction, and quality assessments (full suite of quality assessments built around the Baldrige criteria). Our skill in survey development and administration is matched by our skill at using survey results to drive organizational change.

Strategic Planning

RCI provides consulting for organizational strategic planning. Our involvement begins with the “planning to plan” stage in which the process, participants, data needs, timeframes, and other key factors and decisions are considered to ensure a complete and useful planning sequence. Results always follow quality planning.

Executive Team Building

We’ve helped you get to the bottom of your organization’s service challenges and implemented SuperSTAR Customer Service training. How do you keep the stellar service, so that great results follow? Now is the time to develop the service system. RCI helps you define exactly what you need in place to sustain outstanding customer service in the long run.

Improvement Processes

Appreciative processes is one of the newest and most promising organizational improvement strategies – the use of appreciative inquiry as an intervention to find “what works” and to choose to replicate and build on positive capabilities rather than getting lost in the traditional “problem-focused” approach to improving organizations. This is what we know how to do, and this is what we know will work.

Organizational Innovation

Think with foresight — determine where your customers are going. What are their needs? What trends are affecting their industries? What changes are coming, and perhaps more importantly, when will they arrive? Today, RCI helps organizations improve their business results through holistic enterprise innovation.

Organizational Culture

RCI helps organizations to understand their culture and its impact on their organization more clearly. We conduct cultural assessments and work with the organization’s leaders to align collective standards and ideals with organizational priorities, while helping the organization achieve congruence between the values of the leaders, employees and the organization.

Organizational Communication

Sometimes organizations lack efficient communication channels — leadership does not reveal vision and information that’s vital for employees to be productive and effective. Sometimes, too many “chiefs” communicate different directions that create confusion and disengagement. RCI helps companies to develop clear messages that provide clarity and consistency, in order to eliminate confusion. Assessments are crafted to understand the chain of messaging from the executives to directors to managers to teams and individuals. The assessment results are utilized to develop and implement clear channels of effective organizational communication.

Organizational Performance

Performance improvement has been set in motion and is being implemented throughout your organization. RCI helps companies manage this performance to create ongoing positive results.


Changing Change Management

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