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Customers remember every insensitive remark, every delayed appointment, and every promise that isn’t kept. But no individual or business is perfect all the time. So how do you win customers’ hearts, so that the occasional glitch doesn’t send them packing? It’s all about the relationship and the process. Relationships aren’t created in one transaction, but through a purposeful and planned effort that will, over time, help customers consider you “family,” even overlooking your minor flaws.

Our customer loyalty process is ironclad – even when you’re not. From taking action on customer and employee feedback, to training managers and employees in service excellence, to helping an organization work together to address issues, this is a trip worth taking.

So, ask us what it means to create a loyal fan base.
Better yet, ask our customers.

Loyalty Leadership

We consult and work hand-in-hand with management until your customer service goals are achieved. WCW trains and coaches managers in four key service strategies: Planning. Training, Coaching, and Renewal.

SuperSTAR Training

Tired of the same old approach to customer service training and the same old results? RCI’s SuperSTAR Customer Service will take your team and your service performance to new heights! Learn how managing Moments of Truth spells the difference between a customer’s Misery, Mediocrity, and MAGIC. SuperSTAR Customer Service is delivered one customer at a time.

System Development

We’ve helped you get to the bottom of your organization’s service challenges and implemented SuperSTAR Customer Service training. How do you keep the stellar service, so that great results follow? Now is the time to develop the service system. RCI helps you define exactly what you need in place to sustain outstanding customer service in the long run.

Customer Retention

RCI helps you create happy customers that will return the favor with loyalty and even referrals. From your front-line employees to your trainers to your leadership, we help you to assess what the challenges might be in your customer service delivery. From there, we develop the competency of service at every level of your organization for lasting results.


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