Creating Leadership Trust that Inspires People

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Creating Leadership Trust that Inspires People Creating Leadership Trust that Inspires PeopleLeadership distrust is rampant today according to research.  This leadership trust training video will share the antidote to that.

For example, the US Congress is rated lower in trust than car salespeople. Only 15% of Americans feel our elected officials are doing a good job. Most employees don’t trust their leaders. As a result, business executives are rated in the bottom one third. Too many leaders don’t value employees based on how they treat them. Unfortunately, employees are often an afterthought. Products, the balance sheet and customers are the priority. Recently, GM and the union are at odds over healthcare and fair wages.  Therefore, the union went on strike. Trust is extremely low as the strike will cost both sides heavily.

The Payoff for Trust

Great companies and managers treat employees as their greatest resource. In other words, they respect them, treat them with care and as partners for success. Furthermore, it means the management has high expectations and standards. In addition, they invest in the team. For example, companies or managers provide many opportunities for training, and recognition. Certainly, these kinds of actions begin to create trust and come from a servant leader focus.

When leadership and employees trust each performance improves. This means better customer service, greater productivity, and increased sales. The return on investment is huge for any organization. You can tell if a company or manager lacks trust. First, there is higher employee turnover.  Consequently, they lag others in their industry in quality or customer service.  Today, you can go online to Indeed or Glassdoor to see how employees rate their companies. Generally, a rating below 4.0 means there are issues.

What can you do as a manager? This servant leadership training will briefly share ten actions that matter. RCI research has discovered critical trust building behaviors. They are a roadmap-that separates great leaders from the everyday manager. It all begins with the integrity of leader.  Most importantly, this means honesty, and honoring promises. People respect these actions and it creates trust in the leader. Watch this leadership motivation video now. Give it a “thumbs up” for focusing on ethics and character. We all need this to create a better world. As Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, said, “People have to trust you. You have to build in trust for people.”

Creating Leadership Trust that Inspires People Creating Leadership Trust that Inspires PeopleSo, do you want a proven game-plan for career success? If so, check out Rick’s Superstar Leadership book. 

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Creating Leadership Trust that Inspires People

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