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4 Dynamic Coaching Plans Customized for Your Success as a Leader

Rick and Doug will provide you the personal support, objectivity and constructive feedback that you need to achieve success. Whether your goals are to build up a new team, motivate an existing team, get a promotion, re-energize your passion about your work, accelerate your success as a leader or learn new leadership skills; Doug and Rick’s coaching will be focused on your needs and goals. Their proven principles of effective coaching will be applied to your situation to help you achieve agreed upon objectives and results.

With support from your coaches, Rick and Doug, you can learn to apply effective leadership skills and strategies passionately with consistency. With Rick and Doug you will learn situational application of the powerful methods from their book, Superstar Leadership and their supportive materials. Depending on your needs and expectations, you will learn how to:

  • Discover and define your strengths and leverage areas for growth
  • Understand the power of the goal achievement process
  • Establish team goals and plans that work
  • Execute goals and strategy brilliantly
  • Learn the seven keys to employee motivation
  • Manage employee engagement, productivity and teamwork effectively
  • Solve problems proactively
  • Tap into the exceptional power of delegation
  • Enhance your organizations customer experience and loyalty
  • Deal with conflict constructively
  • Establish a compelling vision of success in seven key areas of life
  • Coach for results and high performance
  • Handle change positively
  • Enhance your personal time management system
  • And, much more.

Silver Level

Geared for new supervisors, team leaders, middle managers or department managers who have never had a personal coach but need to become more effective for any number of important and career crucial reasons. This level provides a helpful and positive way to obtain needed guidance in a positive, practical cost effective manner.


Gold Level

Best plan for managers, leaders, coaches and trainers who want to fast track their results and success as a leader due to personal goals for achievement or career related pressure.


Diamond Level

Excellent for managers, leaders, coaches and trainers who are gearing up for a promotion or have been asked to get a coach. And, they need to accelerate specific improvement and results.


Platinum Level

Executive coaching for top level leaders who have specific results and challenges they need to improve or specific personal development goals they need help with.


Develop Yourself

SuperSTAR Leadership

Online Training

A System to Transform Your Leadership Effectiveness: Organized for YOU, in an accessible, membership site.

Aim for excellence and take someone with you. Leadership development is not for the faint of heart! With predictions of talent shortages in the near future, you need to work through the ups and downs of turning rough stones into polished gems and then learn how to hang onto them.

There are no shortcuts. Sometimes you just need the right system — a process that encourages consistency and follow-through at all levels of your management. Sometimes you need an objective opinion from an adviser, one who has seen the inside of more executive suites than a custodial service employee. Or perhaps, sometimes what is needed is a new feedback instrument.

People want to be great. Help them! There isn’t just one formula for developing leadership that sustains the growth and longevity that you desire for your company. A lot goes into expanding management skills and creating leadership that truly leads. WCW helps you bring all of the pieces together specific to your company’s management and leadership team. We help you plan it, launch it, measure it, and manage it.

The resources in the membership site are Rick and Doug’s most advanced secrets on how to accelerate performance for dramatic and sustainable business results (these are the same secrets Rick and Doug have used in their globally-recognized consulting business to develop leaders, improve employee engagement, achieve record-breaking sales, and increase customer retention). All video training sessions are interrelated, so that you can achieve higher performance for yourself and your organization. These concepts have helped us partner with our clients to achieve:

  • 52%, 75% and 122% sales improvements
  • 10-point gains on employee engagement
  • 4-6% uptick in transaction counts
  • 20% enhancement to customer loyalty
  • 60% reduction in customer complaints
  • 34 quality and service awards, including the JD Power and Ford President’s Award

Included in the site:

  • The SuperSTAR Leadership Book – this will be shipped to you
  • The SuperSTAR Leadership Assessment
  • 12 supercharged leadership training videos
  • The SuperSTAR Leadership Workbook
  • Rick and Doug’s wisdom, support, coaching and inspiration. Remember, if you want your people to be better, you have to be better!

You’ll learn advanced leadership strategies on:

  • The 9 strategies of SuperSTAR leaders
  • How to coach others toward excellence
  • How to plan effectively and efficiently
  • How to motivate and inspire others to be their best
  • How to train like a professional trainer
  • How to lead others (as well as yourself) toward positive change
  • How to adapt and remain flexible in hard-to-manage situations
  • How to drive performance by engaging others effectively
  • How to remain dedicated and committed to continuous improvement
  • How to execute on all cylinders at all times
  • How to establish an environment that fosters collaborating and team building
  • How to hire top candidates and keep top performers

Develop Yourself

Superstar Leadership Mastermind Coaching

90 Days of Power for a Breakthrough

This intense coaching is for supervisors, team leads, managers and leaders that want to ramp it up! Rick is looking for open minded, hardworking, career ambitious individuals. If this fits you attend this coaching opportunity. YOU will be challenged to change, to apply new strategies and to get uncomfortable in order to succeed more-now!

  • Are you getting pressure to achieve better results from your boss?
  • Do you desire a promotion and a higher income?
  • Do you know your team can do better but they are under-achieving?
  • Do you need to improve your leadership skills based on others feedback?
  • Do you want to recapture your excitement for your career and ramp it up?
  • Do you know you can be a better leader but you just aren’t getting the help you need?
  • Are you committed to being more effective and want to improve your confidence and competence?
  • Yet, you are concerned about confidentiality, cost and time? (Your company probably won’t pay for it so you have to)

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, coaching can help you get where you NEED or WANT to go. According to leadership derailment studies over 50% of managers fail? YOU don’t have to be one of them. Through personal management coaching you can breakthrough, become a better leader, achieve better results with your team and get to the next level. To that you will need help! That’s a good thing. The best athletes in the world, those who compete in the Olympics, all have coaches and train consistently to win. They are champions and you can be, too.

Rick Conlow’s Superstar Leadership Mastermind Coaching is a great way to fast-track results at a reasonable investment. Rick has worked with over 300,000 managers in his consulting work, leadership training or one on one coaching. Here’s a snapshot of his credentials:

  • Helped clients win 48 quality service awards including JD Power, Ford’s President Award, and Canada’s Consumers Choice Award.
  • Gained record-breaking sales for clients year after year: 30%, 48%, 52%, 75%, 122% gains in sales.
  • Improved client customer experience surveys 15-20 points
  • Advanced employee engagement surveys for clients 12-14 points.
  • Consulted with over 200 companies the last 25 years.
  • Founded three companies, led WCW Partners, Inc . as CEO the last 20 years.
  • Author of 20 books, including the best seller, SuperSTAR Leadership.

You’ll receive:

This group coaching process has four inter-related phases:

  1. Personal Assessment-To begin, Rick will provide you with our Confidential Coaching questionnaire. This will help you clarify your needs, goals and expectations.
  2. 7 Bi-Weekly (every two weeks) Superstar Leadership coaching calls spaced out over ninety days-You will have seven coaching calls with Rick over 90 days. In these sessions Rick will present the keys of the best leaders from his book, Superstar Leadership. He also will address specific questions provided by the group based on their leadership questionnaire. The format of the coaching calls involves:
    • In, the first ½ hour you will learn a key concept on how to inspire your team to be peak performers or how to get to the next level in your skills or attitude.
    • In the second ½ hour Rick will address topics from the group. This will be based on a pre-program group assessment.
    • Third, you will be assigned a Peer Partner from the group. You will be asked to engage that person once a week via Skype or phone to talk about how you are applying what you learn.
  3. On-line Self-Directed Training-The best leaders continue their development. Rick will provide to you exclusive membership in his 90 days of Power, Superstar Leadership on-line training program. It includes the Superstar Leadership book, a 68 question and action plan leadership assessment, three webinars and 12 in-depths training videos on key management topics. This training is vital to ground you in the concepts of the best leaders.
  4. On-going Communication-You can email Rick any time with questions. You will also receive regular email updates on key issues related to succeeding as a leader.

Your payoff is:

  • Great coaching to help you excel, at an affordable investment.
  • Support from a leader who has walked in your shoes while consulting with and achieving bottom -line results with managers in numerous companies (in multiple industries) for over 25 years.
  • Focused coaching on what the best leaders do, tailored to your concerns.
  • Support materials to help you make sustainable improvements in your management and leadership techniques.
  • Encouragement, integrity in the approach, and positive communication to assist you in motivating your team.
  • Real help in the time of your need that can accelerate your career success.
  • A roadmap for success, so you can make noticeable and sustainable progress in your leadership approach and results.

Rick Conlow will be your coach. He is CEO/Co-Founder of WCW Partners and leader of Rick Conlow International. He has trained or coached over 300,000 managers. His consulting services have helped clients win 48 quality service awards. They have also achieved 12-14 gains in employee engagement surveys, 15-20 point improvements in customer experience surveys, and 30-122% increases in sales. Rick is a master trainer, who believes in the power of people in organizations. He will guide you with enthusiasm, integrity and heart.

Mastermind group coaching is the most effective and affordable way to get the help you need while not breaking the bank.

Note: If you want a self-study approach, or individualized coaching attention, check out four options: WCW Breakthrough Blueprint Training and Coaching.

Develop Yourself

Succeeding as a Leader
Webinar Series

Want a breakthrough in your leadership results today? Do you desire to ramp up your team to be high performers? Need to accelerate your success as a leader now? Are you aiming for a promotion? This seven week virtual highly targeted course will give you a roadmap to do that. This course outlines the precise strategies and mental approach that separates the best leaders from the rest.

Through the Succeeding as a Leader Webinar Series, you will go through the seven key topics below. Each webinar is approximately 45-60 minutes long. You will also have access to our exclusive online membership site for the SuperSTAR Leadership Online Training materials. These resources will give you exercises, applications and video reinforcement. Changing behavior takes effort!

  1. The 5 Biggest Challenges of Middle Managers
  2. How to Handle Employee Performance Problems
  3. 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers
  4. How to Drive Employee Engagement
  5. How to Delegate Effectively
  6. How to Proactively Plan to Win with Your Team
  7. Managing with Flexibility

Included in this series:

  • 7 Highly targeted webinars on the topics listed to the left
  • Connection to the exclusive Superstar Leadership membership site
    • The Superstar Leadership book
    • The Superstar Leadership workbook
    • 12 supportive online leadership training videos
  • A Succeeding as a Leader certificate to recognize your accomplishment.

Rick Conlow will be your trainer and facilitator-live! He has trained or coached over 300,000 managers. His consulting services have helped clients win 48 quality service awards. They have also achieved 12-14 gains in employee engagement surveys, 15-20 point improvements in customer experience surveys, and 30-122% increases in sales. Rick is a master trainer, who believes in the power of people in organizations. He will guide you with enthusiasm, integrity and heart.

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