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Coach George Allen had a skill for making winners out of losing football teams. He had the highest winning percentage in history for the Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams. In both cases he made champions out of losing franchises. He was a bit eccentric, passionate and hard working. He believed in veterans.

I saw a video of him that reviewed his coaching techniques. He shared his favorite motivational phrase when asked how he built winners. It was “Do one more.” He defined it as going the extra mile, working out a little bit more, and preparing better than your opponents. He believed the difference between winning and losing was slight, so that second effort often determined the outcome of a game.


“DO one more” for Leaders

“Do one more” is a philosophy that applies to all of us. While we don’t have to become workaholics, doing one more than we wanted to do or could do, just might give us a significantly improved result. This kind of initiative positively affects our confidence, character and commitment to excellence.

WCW, EveryEmployeeHasPotentialGeorge Allen’s last coaching assignment was at Long Beach State. Its college football team was perennial losers. He made them winners with a 6-5 record and called it his most satisfying coaching role. Mr. George Allen proved once again, that his, “Do one more” philosophy works. This simple phrase is a reminder to leaders that all individuals have tremendous personal potential, and that a great coach will find it.



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