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How to Motivate Inspire People

Our book, SuperSTAR Leadership: A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Communicate Positively and Get Everyone On Your Side, is about the leadership skills, values and approaches that will not only motivate people, but inspire them to greatness. It provides a developmental process that helps leaders, managers, trainers, supervisors and coaches take a critical look at their management approaches and competencies, build on strengths, shore up weaknesses, and become immediately more effective. Our approach is about revolutionizing leadership effectiveness, considering the fact that management studies show over 50% of managers fail, we prove there is a better way.

This eBook’s foundation is based on our work and consulting experience, as well as research we did to keep improving our own skills. Our experience has been built working with client leaders who want to achieve results fast, something we all aspire to. To do this, we will summarize the nine core strategies we feature in SuperSTAR Leadership: A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Communicate Positively and Get Everyone On Your Side. You may be wondering, why put this into a shortened eBook? The most often asked question we hear from managers is: How do you motivate people? Far too many managers are frustrated and confused about how to deal with poor performers, how to create employee engagement or how to take a team to the next level. SuperSTAR Leadership provides a comprehensive understanding complete with daily exercises that answer this question, however these nine core strategies provide a start to get you on the road to success.

This eBook is a no-cost or low cost solution to provide to any and all managers, supervisors, leaders, coaches and trainers. We firmly believe, “If you want your people to be better, you have to be better leader.” The Superstar Leadership Model speaks to managers directly and challenges you with two defining questions:

1. ”What do employees need from you, the boss, to succeed?”

2. “What is it like to be supervised by you?”

As you read this eBook, answer these questions honestly and execute the strategies consistently with passion. As you do, as we have seen other managers, you begin to achieve see significant gains in employee morale, engagement, teamwork and productivity.

This eBook includes:

  • Setting clear goals & expectations
  • Training employees effectively
  • Managing with flexibility
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Motivating Employees Through Recognition
  • Dealing with poor performance
  • Achieving continuous improvement & performance gains
  • Coaching for excellence
  • Creating fun within a high performance work atmosphere
  • Hiring the best people
  • 4 great training & development options

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