Dreams are the Pledge of the Dedicated!

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What’s your dream? Did you ever toss a penny into a fountain or wishing well? Closing your eyes, holding the penny tight, wishing for something specific, and then throwing the penny into the water? Then, you would excitedly skip along as you kept your secret. After all, it wouldn’t come true if you told anyone, right?

The truth is that for most people, wishes vanish quickly. They often fade faster than the water ripples calm after a penny is dropped. And as adults, we rarely believe in wishes any more than we believe in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.

Wishes, Dreams… Reality

My positive thought for the day is…dreams are the pledge of the dedicated! Hold your dreams tight. Create a dream list. Identify your most cherished dreams. Set a goal! Write it down. Create a plan. Take one step today, and another tomorrow. Therefore, Don’t give up, ever.

Years ago I had a dream to publish a book. I wrote one, and over 20 publishers turned me down. I was really discouraged. After eight years I was ready to give up. Then I mentioned to a consultant friend that I had written a book, called Excellence in Management. He said, “I know someone you can contact.” Within a year it was published. Since, I have published twenty other books.

Dreams are the Pledge of the Dedicated! My Quest, ImaginationPrecedesRealityYou have dreams. You must hang on. Keep believing, learning, growing and taking action. Get help from those you can trust. Most of our dreams require the support of others. Imagination creates our reality! Yes, there will be ups and downs. Problems will arise. So will everything we need to succeed if we keep our hearts and minds open. It’s never too late.

A Success Story

Dreams are the Pledge of the Dedicated! col-sandersCol.Sanders loved chicken and had a super recipe that people really liked. He retired at age 65 and received a $105 check from Social Security. When most people started taking it easy, he started traveling and living in his car to sell his recipe to restaurants. He was turned down 1,009 times before his chicken was accepted! Did you get that? He persevered in spite of the obstacles. Consequently, he went on to build an empire called Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It’s been said, “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” Have a great week!

Dreams are the Pledge of the Dedicated! Goalpower1In addition, do you want to achieve your dreams? Check out my GoalPower book for over ninety pages of enlightening discussions and activities designed for your success.

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Dreams are the Pledge of the Dedicated! Dreams are the Pledge of the Dedicated!

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