Employee Disengagement is a Dinosaur Result

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Employee disengagement plagues many companies. Subsequently, with the pandemic many companies added to their neglect and abuse of employees. For example, read these situations.

Recent Employee Disengagement Examples

  • The May Day strike of Amazon, Target, Walmart, Instacart and others highlights employee disengagement. Front-line employees are concerned about demanding work schedules, the lack of safety and improper social distancing. Yes, some of these organizations provide bonuses, masks and gloves. However, the fact remains that companies pay employees poorly. In addition, covid19 created great fear for their safety and health. Yet, they go to work because in order to survive financially. The companies claim only a few employees are involved. Yet, if a few are involved, many more are concerned but do not saying anything because of fear.
  • The Meatpacking plants are a debacle. Employee work inches apart, lunchrooms are crowded, sanitation is inconsistent, and communication poor. Hundreds are getting sick. Employees don’t seem to be a concern of these organizations. Production is the goal. Now, the government has stepped in to tell the companies what to do to keep people safe. As a result, some plants shut down therefore, erasing incomes.
  • Healthcare worker’s situations are unprecedented and desperate. Many have been warned not speak out about their work environment. Resources are thin, decisions impossible to make at times on who to help and with what. Conflicts naturally arise between medical personnel in dealing with this. But, most are caring and kind in doing their jobs. They do the best they can helping the sick and dying. They courageously show up daily even in the face of significant health risks. Likewise, confronted at times with uncooperative hospitals and administrators.

Employee Disengagement Still Shamefully Low

We have known about this virus since January. Quarantines began in Feb/Mar depending on where you live. The health concerns and precautions described in the media or by governments daily were widely distributed. Unfortunately, the organizations above only began to act “above and beyond” to help employees as they complained or became sick. Why wasn’t more help provided right away in January? In addition, do they need the government telling them how to help their employees? Can you blame employees for being disengaged or dissatisfied?

Gallup says actively engaged employees are rising. However, the engagement numbers are still pitifully and ridiculously low with only 35% actively engaged in the US. Worldwide the ‘highly engaged’ figure is 15%. As a result, these low numbers cost organizations billions, slows the economy and are incredible wasters of human talent. This is a crisis, too, of epidemic proportions. Any company with only 1/3 of its workforce actively engaged should be ashamed.

Employee Disengagement is a Dinosaur Mentality

Certainly, with  covid19 many companies changed some approaches to keep and attract employees. Their changes haven’t been done out of the goodness of their hearts.

100% Employee Engagement: The New Leadership Goal

How many employees go to work in the morning and say to themselves, “I am a puke and slug and I hope they fire me by NOON?” Most people enjoy pride in their work and want to do a good job. Similarly, they hope to get a raise or promotion to have a better standard of living. With consistent support and encouragement this is possible. The commitment of employees in retail, the meatpacking industry, healthcare and the supermarkets inspires me. They demonstrate the possibilities.

It’s time, isn’t it, to tap the incredible power of people? We need radical and revolutionary leadership change in thought and practice. For instance, a manufacturer’s goal is Zero Defects. This means no mistakes; every product produced right the first time. Furthermore, mathematically this equals 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

What if managers managed their team’s right the first time? So, what if fewer than 3.4 disengaged employees per million showed up for work–engaged? Let’s make “100% Engagement” the goal for human beings. Aren’t people more  important than products? Consequently, why not put employees first?

Make Employees First

In addition, the greatest influence on an employee’s performance is their direct supervisor. Furthermore, research demonstrates these seven keys to reducing employee disengagement:

  • On-going communication
  • Consistent training
  • Liberal recognition
  • Clarified goals and expectations
  • Helpful coaching
  • Input and feedback loops
  • Personal development opportunities

Certainly, company leaders must foster a people-first culture. Consequently, companies must invest heavily in developing competent management to carry it out.

The crisis shows that people–human beings– are the greatest resource of a company. Similarly, disengaged or sick employees lead to poorer results. Products and buildings don’t produce, people do. It comes down to leadership commitment. Policies or protocols mean little. Most importantly, it’s about values–empathy and caring for people.

Employee Disengagement is a Dinosaur Mentality

Real–servant–leadership involves relationships and partnerships, not reporting structures and policies. In summary, start achieving 100% Employee Engagement Today. Treat employees respectfully as partners.

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