Employees are People NOT Assets

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Calling employees assets, human capital, talent, worker bees, personnel, human resources, laborer, the help, and blue collar is demeaning. It generates a whole aura about how a company values people. Even the word employee carries negative connotations. It can mean average, or a cog in wheel or a commodity or a peon. In contrast, one of my clients has been in business over 100 years and calls employees Associates. (Notice the capital A) Another organization calls employees-Partners. Still one more calls them Team Members. A company culture dictates (good or bad) what an employee really is to the organization. In addition, Disney for years uses the term “cast member.” Taco Bell calls cashiers, “champions.”

Isn’t it time we place the true value on employees. They are mission critical. Nothing is more important. Companies are finding that out during this pandemic. You can’t serve customers without them in the office, manufacturing plant, distribution center, sales floor, or front-line. Yes, some robots are taking their place. However, the digital teams direct their efforts.

Employees are not assets they are people.

Employees are People NOT AssetsPeople are the greatest resource of a company. They are human beings, partners, not assets to manipulate. I believe this about how employee should be treated in organizations but not enough people do. This isn’t new news. Consequently, they deserve respect.  Sure some employees may abuse this kind of thinking, most don’t. It has been said that the art of communication is the language of leadership. Consider, how and what we communicate with people in organizations greatly influences their experience and engagement.  The strength of the relationship determines the depth of the trust between management and employees. Bottom-line, if we treat people well and demonstrate care for how important they are, they nearly always go above and beyond. Great leaders treat employees as champions. They coach and develop high employee performance and engagement.

People Power not Assets: The new goal-100% Employee Engagement

Gallup reports record high employee engagement at 34% in the US. Worldwide the number is 15% engaged. Both numbers are ridiculous to get excited about. It means about 2/3 or more of employees aren’t engaged. Companies set their sights way too low. Could you imagine a company getting excited about 65%product defects. No! Instead they go for Zero Defects. Why not 100% people engagement? We need a servant leadership revolution to make this happen. Why not join the revolution? The change is already underway.

Do you agree?

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