Excellent Execution: 4 Leadership Pillars

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Most managers lack excellent execution skills. “Execution is the great unaddressed issue in the business world today. Its absence is the single biggest obstacle to success.  Furthermore, it creates most of the disappointments that are mistakenly attributed to other causes.”  Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan declared this in their book, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. In addition, studies show that only one in three change initiatives work.

Poor Results the Norm not Excellent Execution

Certainly, to compete effectively today companies and managers need to continually look for ways to improve performance. Customers are demanding and competition relentless. However, these statistics demonstrate how poorly leaders execute their grand plans. For example:

  • John Kotter, the change master, says 70% of change initiatives fail.
  • A scant 10% of CEOs believe their companies can execute on their plans. Yet, 82% of CEOs say change is important to their companies.
  • Only 27% of new strategy considers the workloads of managers or employees.
  • 95% of managers lack clarity in their company’s expectations and goals.

4 Leadership Pillars for Excellent Execution

How to Achieve Excellent Strategy Execution

How do you dramatically alter these results? Unfortunately, most companies and leaders discount the importance of how they engage employees with change or new strategies. Instead, they focus on technology over people. I discuss this in other posts. Also, see The Death of Customer Service.

In this leadership video,  I share four keys for preparing and helping your employees to achieve excellent execution.

  • Plan-Clarify the project’s expectations.
  • Train-Develop your team’s competence.
  • Coach-Manage the team’s commitment.
  • Renew-Support the process and the team with consistent follow-through and communication.

Pulling It All Together

In conclusion, through this Excellent Execution Formula managers attain greater success in achieving their goals. How many times do companies fail to full support a new initiative so it fails? Furthermore, employees call these programs of the month. You can change this. By using these four pillars you will inspire your team to be spirited patriots not paid mercenaries.

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  • Patrick Loke

    I lead execution, and I believe that there is 1 word, to sum it all up for the execution success, it’s called CONVICTION.

    • Rick Conlow

      HI Patrick:
      No doubt! I like that word–convicton. Without this not much happens and followthrough is absent. Thanks

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