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WELCOME! If you increase your learning, you will increase your career success and earning. Real-Time Learning & Training is designed in four niches: Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, and Personal Development.

Today, over 230 resources are at your fingertips for career enhancement. It includes the 30-minute modules, eBooks, assessments, videos, articles, and posts related to the above niches. This is micro-learning at its best. 

See the learning plans for individuals and TEAMs to the right. Just click to download the information. Also, see all the other materials below, just a click away for your team development or career progress.

Most of the modules below can be completed in approximately 30 minutes or less to give you the help you need, when you need it. Sound learning theory supports each competency. Each is organized in three parts:

  1. Self-assessment (5-8 minutes)…measure it!
  2. Article (5-6 minutes)…study it!
  3. Video and Application questions (10-15 minutes)…reinforce and apply it!

Directions for the 30-minute module: Select the topic you want to study, and click the picture for instant download. The modules are each in PDF format and are fillable to you can type in your answers to the assessment and any questions. You’ll want to save each module to your computer or device to keep record of it.

For all of the other resources click on the pictures directly below in your area of interest. You will find excellent information to fast- track your learning and performance.

THANK YOU for coming. We at RCI wish you the best of success!

RealTime Learning Rick Conlow
We encourage you to engage all the different areas of resources. All the skills and approaches in a niche reinforce one another. Take a look below!

Learning Plans & Tracking: For Individuals

 Learning Plans & Tracking: TEAMS

Leadership (30-minute modules)

5 Exceptional Steps
to Lead By Example

Rick Conlow 5 Exceptional Steps to Lead By Example

10 Success Secrets of Great Managers

Rick Conlow 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers

for Results

Coaching for Results


Delegating Effectively

How to Create a High
Performance Team

How to create a high performance team rick conlow

Powerfully & Positively

Communicating Powerfully and positively with your team rick conlow

The 5 Disciplines of
High Impact Coaching

 7 Keys to Unleash
Employee Motivation

How to Build
Leadership Trust

How to build leadership trust rick conlow

Motivate Your Team
in 30 Minutes or Less

How to Motivate Your Team in 30 minutes or less

The Art of
Exemplary Coaching

The Art of Exemplary Coaching

Creating Successful Plans with Your Team

How to Conduct an Outstanding
Performance Review

How to Conduct and Outstanding Performance Review by Rick Conlow

10 Keys to Employee

10 Keys to Employee Engagement by Rick Conlow

3 Ways to Handle Poor

3 Ways to Handle Poor Performance Constructively

How to Lead a Great
Team Meeting

Customer Service (30-minute modules)

Extraordinary CX Leadership
and Management: Part 1

Extraordinary CX leaedership and management part 1

Extraordinary CX Leadership
and Management: Part 2

Extraordinary CX LEadership and management part 2

Become a Customer
Service SuperSTAR

How to become a customer service

Sales & Personal Development

(30-minutes modules)

4 Success Habits to
Maximize Your Potential

How to Become a
Sales SuperSTAR

How to become a sales superstar

How to Set and Achieve Your
Personal & Professional Goals

How to set and achieve your personal and professional goals

The Greatest Sales Secret of All-Time

7 Habits of Highly
Effective Employees
in the 21st Century

How to Get the
Promotion You Want

How to Get the Promotion you Want Rick Conlow

Communication Tips to
Getting Along with Others

Achieving Personal Excellence


How to Listen

Positive Thinking to
Achieve Your Goals

How to Survive
and Thrive with a Bad Boss

A  4 Step  Career  Development  Catalyst  Plan

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