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As I previously mentioned, we have created five Moments of Magic, which are strategies that, if done well and done right, can help you deliver first-class customer service experiences. My last post introduced the first of the five steps, MENTAL PSYCHE. If you hope to deliver a successful customer service experience, the steps are meant to be done in sequence. Today, I will cover step #2 of five.


There’s an old saying that quotes, “People often don’t remember what you do or say to them, but they remember how you made them feel.” The reason why I want to start by stressing the truth of that saying is because if you complete this second step without sincerity, you’ve missed the point. Yes, you need to say the right things, but your words need to be rooted in a warm welcome.

Customers crave courtesy, care and kindness. You are there to exceed their expectations. Your goal with the greeting should be to approach them with ALL of your attention. Smile, listen thoughtfully, and remain aware to what they are really expressing. More often than not, a customer wants to be heard more than anything else. So, do your best to really hear them, so that you can really help them. The more you understand how they really feel, the better your chances become for delivering the sort of customer service experience they won’t want to forget.

Impress them with your intentionality. Leave them longing to return. Give them a greeting they will come back to get. But remember, prior to step #2 – complete step #1, which was making the most out of your mental state. Your attitude has the ability to positively or negatively affect your approach – so do what needs to be done to be who you want to become.

If you feel good about where you’re at, your genuineness will shine through in your greeting.

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